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Easing the information overload: Using the Nintex Promapp® homepage and notifications to keep it simple for your staff

Having carefully developed and designed processes is a vital part of a successful business, but even the most well-documented procedures can’t help you if the people in your organization aren’t engaging with them. Sometimes that’s because there’s just too much information available – a three-inch-thick procedure manual or a cluttered SharePoint directory. Making processes easy to find and follow is essential to leverage the true value of any process excellence endeavor because if your staff isn’t connecting with your processes, you run the risk of non-compliance interfering with business activities and potential improvements being missed.

Nintex Promapp®’s online platform solves the problem of information overload by providing simple, clear personalized dashboards for every user. When someone signs in, they’re presented with a summary of what is most important to them, tailored to their roles and responsibilities. That means they can easily access relevant information without getting lost in the organization’s entire library of processes or being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content.


The homepage offers easy links to both the processes the user owns and those they’re part of. These lists are quick ways for someone to find their key responsibilities and duties and clarifies the processes they are stakeholders for.

While that’s helpful, there are usually a few processes that users access more regularly. The ‘recently viewed’ list helps find those with just one click and is also effective for returning to processes that are currently being worked on. If a user visits multiple processes regularly though that list can fill up quickly so they can ‘favorite’ those that they want quick access to, and these appear in the other tab on the same window.

Besides the quick links, the homepage also shows a summary of the user’s required process actions. Where there are new processes or changes to existing ones, the summary outlines how many are awaiting attention as well as any feedback that hasn’t been addressed. Depending on which add-ons your organization uses, it can also highlight outstanding training activities, risks for review, and incidents under investigation.


Those alerts can also be found on the Dashboard, where the various elements are highlighted by the alert ‘bubbles’ on each tab. From this view, users can not only see the recent changes to processes and documents, incomplete checklists, and feedback and reviews that need attention but directly access every item. The process links and quick action buttons make it simple for teams to keep up to date with the evolution of processes and their responsibilities for them.

Capturing and mapping your processes is the first step, but keeping teams engaged and active in improving those processes is vital to maintaining a culture of process excellence. The personalized homepage and dashboard in Nintex Promapp® makes it simple and is a great way to ensure your staff can keep on top of their process responsibilities easily and effectively.


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