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Project Management Made Easy with a Workflow Boost

Every day, teams all over the world tackle project management tasks.

Whether they’re in marketing, engineering, HR or operations, team members often find themselves looking after a campaign, project or process from Point A to Point B, with varying results.

For many companies, project management still isn’t a formal process. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen; it just means there might not be a specific IT infrastructure dedicated to project management.

In these cases, the company’s productivity software package usually takes on the role of the project management provider. However, in most cases that means using emails or spreadsheets as their productivity tools. That can result in user errors and can require hours of monitoring to ensure that tasks are completed – often leaving users frustrated.

What if there was a way to run a workflow right on top of common productivity suites to meet all of your project management needs?

Workflow + SharePoint = Comprehensive Project Management

According to Praveen Kumar, technical project manager at ESET, the busy C-level executives at his company wouldn’t often go into SharePoint to look at proposals that needed to be approved. This situation was especially challenging because those executives travelled often. They wanted to review and approve project proposals where they lived – in Outlook.

With Nintex Workflow, company employees can attach project proposals to an email, send it off to a traveling executive and the executive can read it while on the plane, Praveen said. When executives land, they give Praveen the “Yes” or “No.”

The executives love the Nintex solution because they can do a lot of tasks via their mobile devices, and they don’t have to open SharePoint or access Project Server to approve proposals. They use Nintex Mobile or the LazyApproval feature in Nintex Workflow instead.

“It’s very simple in that everything is in one location. They’re able to track it. They get reporting to be notified of all approvals,” said Praveen. “Overall, it’s a lot of overhead that has been lifted from a project manager perspective as well as from an executive stakeholder perspective.”

Companies Turn to the Cloud

More and more organizations are moving to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Microsoft Office 365, one of the most well-known and popular cloud productivity packages, offers secure, cloud-based access to email, calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing and file sharing.

The rise of the cloud has enabled Nintex to make our platform accessible to more people and more cost effectively. Our customers can automate processes that span various systems and leverage an ever-expanding range of cloud services that can drive greater efficiencies.

When it comes to project management processes, the value can be huge.

More Efficient Project Management

Running workflows integrated with SharePoint or Office 365 means users have an easy, automated project management tool that allows them to focus on their work again.

By automating project management processes, users can:

  • Implement process and controls: 

    Automating workflows creates a unique opportunity to implement process and controls that enables users to approve project documents. Office 365 specifically ensures that everyone is reviewing, revising, and approving only the most current draft of a document – making version control issues a thing of the past.

  • Stay on track: 

    Project managers can design reminders to keep stakeholders aware of pending status report exceptions and improve status reporting.

  • Monitor change requests: 

    Workflow can also raise change requests for projects and ensure that the authorization processes are followed. Whenever there’s a question about Change Requests, workflow can deliver a full audit trail of the history of any Change Request.

  • Manage risks and issues: 

    With automated processes, risks and issues can be reviewed before they’re added to the risk register, and stakeholders can be automatically notified about risks and issues. Users can also configure workflow to regularly determine whether risks and issues are being updated, and alert owners and stakeholders accordingly.

  • Control stage gates: 

    A productivity suite with workflow can ensure that all tasks for a particular stage are completed before moving forward.

  • Connect with web services: 

    Users can move across sites and even platforms with ease adding web services to workflows as desired. With Nintex Connectors, pre-build workflow actions, users can connect their workflows to real-time cloud services, including Yammer, Box, Twitter, virtual machines, and other applications.

Project Management Made Easier

Customers run workflows on top of existing SharePoint platform or Office 365 productivity suite with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint or Nintex Workflow for Office 365. The technology developed by Nintex integrates seamlessly with those platforms.


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Patrick Hosch

Nintex Lead Technical Evangelist Patrick Hosch serves the EMEA region but speaks internationally. He’s passionate about Office 365, SharePoint and Nintex, and enjoys helping others develop their tech skills. harmonie.ie selected him as one of the Top 25 Office 365 Influencers of 2015. When not working, he likes exploring new countries, working out at the gym and competing in team events such as Tough Mudder. Follow him on Twitter - @patrickhosch

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