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Product investment in K2 Software going forward

In a previous post, we shared some of the main reasons behind Nintex’s acquisition of K2 Software, Inc. and how we feel that the addition creates a stronger overall platform for customers by bringing the breadth of automation capabilities from Nintex together with the deep modern application development capabilities of K2 Software.

We also promised to share more with you about the future of the combined products, and I wanted to take some time now to outline our strategy for K2 Software and how both Nintex K2 Five and Nintex K2 Cloud will fit within the Nintex Platform going forward.

Redoubled Investments

After the K2 Software, Inc. team joined Nintex, we immediately got to work looking at both platforms and understanding the capabilities of both offerings. We got the opportunity to talk to several different K2 Software customer groups and got a nice, wide range of feedback.

Customer sentiment was largely cautious and curious about what the future means for their K2-based apps. This also included a number of customers that are excited about getting access to tools like Nintex Promapp®, Nintex DocGen®, and more.

This information helped us form a clear vision for K2 Software within the Nintex Platform. While both platforms have similarities, we need to carefully work out how to navigate their differences and we appreciate the patience of all our customers as we spent time to formulate a holistic view about what is important to focus on in the future.

I am excited to share that support and investment in both Nintex K2 Five and Nintex K2 Cloud will continue going forward, and we have some exciting new features to share here today!

Each feature was prioritized to maximize current customer’s investments in K2 Software and solve challenges they have shared with us so far.

  1. Style profiles

First, Nintex K2 SmartForms. We are going to be bringing some of the Style Profile features we shared with you first at K2 Software Fast FWD last year to Nintex K2 Five. These new features will bring a new ‘Dynamic Theme’ to the product and allow you to create corporate branding and theming within your Nintex K2 SmartForms-based apps – without the need for code.

  1. Enhanced error resolution

We’re bringing one of the features we shipped in Nintex K2 Cloud last year on-premises! Nintex K2 Five customers will have the ability to react to workflow errors with new ‘Error Resolution’ capabilities. This feature will enable process administrators to kick-off a new workflow when another workflow goes into error state.

This error-initiated workflow is passed all the relevant error workflow information so it can send emails and assign tasks to users . We’ve even seen customers integrate into their incident management systems like ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and more.

  1. Unattended packaging and deployment

One of the pieces of feedback we hear a lot is from customers with complex applications is that sometimes these apps require a significant amount of time to package and/or deploy as they are moving through the application promotion process, for instance, from QA to production.

Unattended P&D provides the ability for both packaging and deployment of K2 Software solutions in a scripted and automated manor so they begin to fit into the automated deployment cycles like other parts of a customer’s DevOps infrastructure.

  1. Support for Okta

For our customers looking to utilize additional identity providers in Nintex K2 Cloud, we will be adding support for Okta.  Okta is a leader in the identity as a service (IDaaS) space and will join Azure AD and Google Cloud as supported identity providers in Nintex K2 Cloud.

These features are being planned for updates in both Nintex K2 Five and Nintex K2 Cloud.

Our customers can feel secure in knowing that the investments you’ve made in K2 Software are protected, that we will continue to innovate and ship new features, and that you will have room to continue building on K2 Software in the future.

Parallel enhancements

As our Chief Product Officer, Neal Gottsacker, shared in a recent post, there are large number of features planned across each of the components of the broader Nintex Platform slated for this year.

It’s a very exciting time to be joining our two companies and planning so many enhancements for an integrated and powerful automation platform. Over the remainder of this year and in the future, customers will begin to see the byproduct of Nintex and K2 Software operating ‘better together’.

Initially, we are focusing surfacing specific functionality across both platforms, such as making Nintex Promapp, Nintex DocGen, and Nintex RPA viable integration options for Nintex K2 Five and Nintex K2 Cloud customers.

We are continuing our commitment to providing a best-of-breed, cloud-based automation platform by adding new capabilities around app-dev scenarios and differentiating the combined portfolio from other vendors in the space.

The long-term goal is to make Nintex Workflow Cloud a platform that will grow with the current Nintex userbase while providing a place where K2 Software customers can run their solutions in the future when they are ready to move there.

For more details on the Nintex K2 Five and Nintex K2 Cloud roadmaps, as well as other roadmaps in the broader Nintex Platform, feel free to check out the roadmap guides available on Nintex Community.

One more thing

As I wrap up here, I wanted to share with you an update on the status of Ideas that you may have shared with us. If you are a Nintex K2 Ideas user, you would have seen a note from me in December 2020, where I shared that the Ideas platform would be unavailable during our migration over to the Nintex UserVoice platform. That work wrapped up early 2021, and I’m excited to share that we moved over 1200+ users, 700+ ideas and over 7000+ votes into Nintex UserVoice!

In order to see your ideas and votes, head over to nintex.uservoice.com and check out the Nintex K2 Five or Nintex K2 Cloud forums. You can re-use the same email address that you used on K2 Ideas and will only have to complete the sign-up for your account to get started.

Just as we did with Nintex K2 Ideas, we’re excited to hear your feedback and contribution to K2 Software going forward!



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Jason Trent

Jason is a Sr. Director - Product at Nintex based out of Texas. He helps lead the Product Strategy team across both the cloud and on-prem offerings for K2 Software.

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