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Product Essentials with the complete Nintex Process Platform

If you missed the first episode of the Nintex Product Essentials webinar, you can still watch it on-demand or check out the recap below. 

Nintex VP of Product Marketing, Holly Anderson, kicked off the webinar to share why we are so passionate about helping everyone solve their biggest process challenges. And it’s because the Nintex Process Platform is the most complete, powerful process intelligence and automation platform that makes it fast and easy to discover, map, automate, and optimize your business processes. Our low-code tools are easy to use, yet powerful enough to solve complicated process problems quickly and efficiently.  

Holly then passes the microphone off to Andy Hayes who is a Nintex Senior Solutions Architect and Andy provides an end-to-end demonstration of the Nintex Process Platform.  

Process mapping with Nintex Promapp® 

Nintex Promapp® is a powerful business software that makes it easy to view your organization’s processes step-by-step so you can better understand them and ensure continuous improvement, quality assurance, and risk management. 

Process mapping facilitates company-wide collaboration that provides real-time updates and notifications to any changes that are made within a process and allows you to identify any opportunities to improve efficiencies within your organization. And you will be able to get insights into costs involved within a particular process as well. 

Nintex Workflow Cloud

A process owner also can convert a mapped process into a Nintex Workflow automatically by clicking on the “request automation” button. Nintex Workflow Cloud is a very powerful workflow tool that empowers any user within your organization to build sophisticated forms and complex workflows using our intuitive drag and drop designers. 

Nintex Workflow Cloud is the orchestrator between every Nintex automation product. So let’s say you have a scenario where you would like to capture information from a Nintex Form. And from the information you capture, you want to route that information to get approval. And after approval, you want to store that information into a third-party system like Salesforce or SharePoint. And then you want to go off and generate documents before sending that documents off for a signature. All of this can be put together in a matter of minutes with Nintex Workflow Cloud so let’s talk about some of those native capabilities.  

Nintex Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud 

In Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can build a form traditionally by dragging different fields into the form. You can also leverage the new Intelligent PDF Form Converter which gives you the ability to start a form from existing PDF files (or Word and Excel documents that are saved as a PDF). Within this capability, you can select which parts of the PDF to bring into the form and you can customize at any time.  

Document Generation in Nintex Workflow Cloud 

Nintex DocGen® is a built-in document generation capability that allows you to automate the generation of documents directly from your workflows. 

With the right document generation tools, you can automatically create digital documents using your own custom templates and branding, and pull data from multiple CRM systems using pre-defined rules. Document generation software delivers precise and compliant documents the first time, every time. 

eSignatures and automation with Nintex AssureSign® 

Available within Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex AssureSign® is our new native eSignature capability available on the Nintex Process Platform. Nintex AssureSign® is optimized to work across industries, geographies, and high-volume use cases – while meeting security and privacy industry standards. 

Combine and accelerate 

Our experience with over 10,000 customers is that the more capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform that are leveraged, the more efficient an organization will be. 

In the next Product Essentials webinar on February 23, we will do a deep-dive on process mapping with Nintex Promapp®.  Hope to see you there!  



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