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Product Essentials brings you Nintex Promapp®

Nintex presents Product Essentials, a new webinar series designed to dive deep into the possibilities of our process automation management tool chest. The series explores everything from process mapping and management to workflows and forms to robotic process automation, document generation, eSignature, and analytics – all available on the Nintex Process Platform.

The second webinar of the Product Essentials series focuses on Nintex Promapp®.  With the power and ease-of-use of Nintex Promapp®, organizations have visibility of every step of their processes so they can better understand and manage them, and ensure continuous improvement, quality assurance, and risk management.

What’s covered in the Product Essentials Nintex Promapp® webinar?

In this webinar Nintex VP of Product Marketing Holly Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager Trudi Masalski, and Solutions Engineer Bree Barsanti explore the importance of understanding how your business operates, and how the right business process mapping and management software will free you up to drive process improvements and increase your operational efficiency.

In the session, you can get an overview of Nintex and our mission to transform the way people work through process intelligence and automation, hear how the full suite of Nintex solutions will support your end-to-end digital transformation journey, explore common challenges holding organizations back from achieving successful digital transformation, and understand the three steps required to achieve process excellence and why it’s essential to strive for it.

Additionally, you will learn how Nintex Promapp® creates a central source of truth, improves collaboration, and fosters a culture of process excellence in your organization by getting an in-depth walkthrough of the Nintex Promapp® standard edition product features and even hear how Nintex Promapp® can be utilized in your organization and other organizations like Coke Florida who used Nintex Promapp® to spur business growth with workflow, mapping, automation.



Want to learn more? Click here to access the on-demand version of this webinar. Or reach out for a personalized Nintex Promapp® demo today.



Trudi Masalski

Trudi Masalski is a marketing leader based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a particular passion for product marketing and loves the energetic vibe of the technology industry. Trudi enjoys crafting messaging and content to help customers understand the business value in process mapping and automation. Before Nintex, Trudi spent more than 20 years perfecting her marketing skills at various companies across the globe.

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