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Missed Nintex ProcessFest® 2020? Don’t panic, here are 5 highlights

Nintex ProcessFest® is over for 2020. But if you missed our annual conference, you can still catch up online. We recorded the entire conference, so you can access 25 hours of content from the three days of Nintex ProcessFest® 2020. That’s a lot of information, so we won’t try to cover it all in this article, but let’s explore five of the biggest highlights from the event.

1. Update from CEO Eric Johnson

Our CEO Eric opened his speech by reflecting on the Nintex mission: ‘to improve the way people work through process management and automation’. He explained our three core tenets:

  • To deliver on commitments. Focusing on the key priorities and ensuring they deliver with quality on time – every time.
  • No waiting. Upon seeing an issue, the team at Nintex fixes it. If they see an opportunity to accelerate success, they take it.
  • Operate with respect and consideration. Nintex will move fast and deliver – the right way. We want every experience to be positive.

When these three objectives are met, Eric explained, Nintex is able to do better for our customers and the communities we serve. He went on to discuss value Nintex can provide, highlighting the fact that so much process is still unautomated: 68% of all enterprise processes remain highly manual.

In our current climate, when so many businesses are now operating remotely, manual processes simply don’t work. Nintex helps our customers map and manage processes across their organization, boosting visibility, enabling automation, and improving efficiency.

2. What’s new with Nintex Workflow Cloud?

In this session, Matt Mayhew (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) was joined by  John Armstrong (Sales Engineer Specialist), Rob Munro (Product Manager), and Chad Austin (Technical Product Marketing Manager). Together, they looked at how to automate workflows with speed and ease—exploring the latest features and functionality of Nintex Workflow Cloud. Key topics covered included:

  • Nintex Gateway

This extends the power of workflow automation to a broader range of enterprise processes. It’s now possible to kick off an on-premises RPA botflow™ with a cloud workflow—key functionality that’s exclusive to Nintex.

  • Data Lookup Control

This feature means designers can bind data to a dropdown in a form, eliminating time-consuming manual data entry. This will increase the volume and accuracy of filled-out forms.

  • Workflow Testing

To help improve the speed and accuracy of workflow deployment, it’s now possible for designers to test as they build –without having to publish. This saves time and improves accuracy.

  • User Groups

By allowing tenant admins to create groups inside of their environment, User Groups make it possible to share assets with a smaller subset of users. Not only does this increase the speed of workflow deployment, but it also improves the admin experience and means the user can leverage cloud workflow capabilities while protecting on-premises investments.

3. Governing Microsoft Teams

Matt Mayhew and Jonathan Butler (Sr. Program Manager) talk about how Nintex and Microsoft Teams are better together. Teams has seen tremendous growth as businesses around the world adapt to remote working, and Nintex makes it even easier to work with.

In this session, they discussed the deep Teams integration with Nintex – which enables users to gain significant administrator functionality. Jonathan provides an insightful demo to highlight the many ways that businesses can gain efficiencies with Nintex and Microsoft Teams. The integration provides significant administrator functionality, such as the ability to:

  • Integrate Teams with Nintex mapping, workflow, and automation tools
  • Create channels, and post to a channel
  • Add owners and members to Teams – giving greater administration capabilities and allowing you to automate all aspects of your Teams environment with the Nintex platform

4. Advanced RPA features: What’s new in Nintex RPA?

In this session, Andre Ropeta (Product Marketing) and Chad Austin show just how easy it is to use Nintex RPA and how to take advantage of the powerful new features included in the product.

Nintex RPA allows users to automate many routine tasks, and to do so at scale, without being a developer. This session explores how RPA can work with other Nintex applications to deliver ground-to-cloud capabilities. It looks at:

  • Ease of use through drag and drop automation
  • Nintex RPA Central: Users can orchestrate bots across their enterprise from a centralized hub
  • Nintex Gateway: Extends the power of workflow automation to a broader range of enterprise processes
  • Browser freedom: Users have the flexibility to use either Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers

5. An introduction to Nintex Promapp® Checklist

Harry Lauer (Director of Product Marketing) and Sean Fiene (Senior Technical Enablement Manager) explore the benefits of using Nintex Promapp®:

  • Simplified process capture and mapping
  • Powerful team engagement
  • Centralized process management
  • Easy low and no-code automation
  • Clear optimization tools

They explain that this is just the beginning, as Nintex Promapp® can now manage and track processes through completion with Nintex Promapp® Checklists. The feature makes it easy to track records, identify opportunities for process automation, manage process compliance, get personalized notifications, and validate process capture feedback and improvement ideas.

In this session, Sean also goes through a demo to highlight the full capabilities of using Nintex Promapp® Checklists.

Learn more about Nintex ProcessFest® 2020

Those were some of the highlights of this year’s event, but there’s lots more to discover. To explore every session of Nintex ProcessFest® 2020 for yourself, simply head over to our on-demand page to access hours of process management and workflow automation best practices.



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