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Process governance: the most vital ingredient to transformation

Organizations everywhere are moving at warp speed to turn themselves into agile, digital enterprises. While everyone working at high velocity can result in huge volumes of activity, there’s often an increase of misaligned processes, fragmented functional silos, and missed opportunities.

That’s why process governance is important. Successful process governance connects teams by functioning as a control center for company-wide processes to provide visibility into the status of every process.

In a recently published whitepaper, Digital transformation’s unsung but essential ingredient: Process Governance, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson shares why process governance allows teams to continuously improve and optimize processes for more efficient business operations.

What is process governance?

Process governance can be defined as the “mission control” center for big, complex, and strategically vital digital transformations designed to help companies reimagine their futures, automate their operations and optimize their business outcomes.

In a similar light, Capgemini defines process governance by how a company consolidates and standardizes their management, tasks, and services to ensure that each project is executed properly and in accordance with what is expected by both managers and clients.

Benefits of good process governance

There are many benefits of process governance—by orchestrating and coordinating all those moving parts—companies can:

  1. Gain visibility and across the organization
    When processes are standardized, then consistencies are delivered across the business.
  2. Accelerate operations
    Standardized processes are easy for everyone to understand, even new team members.
  3. Expose process inefficiencies or bottlenecks
    Understand which areas on your processes are flowing and more importantly, which areas are not flowing.
  4. Increase the chances that digital transformation projects will drive superior business outcomes
    Process mapping and governance provides granular details into every process without having to get lost in the weeds.
  5. Reduce risks dramatically
    Experience a significant decrease in errors and risks when all participants are informed of their role within a process.
  6. Devote more time and energy to customers

When you’re not fixing broken processes, you can focus on what really matters: driving the business forward.

Modern process governance with Nintex Promapp®

Our process management and mapping software tool, called Nintex Promapp®, can incorporate organizational methods, guidelines and rules of process governance to ensure up-to-date and improved business processes. It is designed to help you avoid any type of process-isolation disaster and instead extract every bit of business value from your automation efforts.

See how process excellence takes flight at Wizz Air

Automation is a terrific tool, as you have heard from Nintex many times before. However, automation plus process governance – is a highly differentiated approach that can help future-proof your emerging digital capabilities.

A modern process governance approach allows you to create a well-organized and easy way to manage a “process portfolio” that lets you view how your processes are performing, where the interconnections are, and where potential risks might be about to arise.

This type of visibility, and the high-value insights that can be gleaned in real-time, can help your organization develop the right sorts of process mindset and process culture that are essential components to successful digital transformations.

Process governance is indispensable

It is our belief that process governance is an indispensable part of any digital transformation project, and our vast experience with thousands of customers across every industry has only reinforced it.

With process governance at the core of your digital transformation efforts, continuous improvement and innovation will become a reality.

Schedule time with a Nintex expert to discuss the benefits of automation for your organization.

About the Leadership Insights series

In our latest series, Leadership Insights, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson shares executive guidance to help you build a successful automation strategy for your team, project, organization, or wherever your mission-critical work happens. Visit the Leadership Insights page to download and access all resources currently available – with more coming throughout 2021!



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