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Process excellence experts come together at Connect 2019

More than 400 people representing more than 250 businesses gathered in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and Auckland in June for Connect 2019 to hear first-hand how Nintex is improving business processes in companies like theirs. The focus was on real-world learning and experience. Practitioners deeply involved in their own process excellence initiatives shared great stories about how they have leveraged Nintex Promapp® to drive their process management and improvement efforts.

Shared journeys

Jerome Deveix from Salesforce joined the Connect tour for all four events, sharing Salesforce’s journey with Nintex Promapp® and providing a glimpse into his company’s efforts to navigate their Global Business Operations division through rapid growth and transformation.

Jerome Deveix Speaking at Connect 2019 - 2

Connor Sonnen from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) shared a few process management wins, challenges, key success strategies with the Wellington gathering, and also how Nintex Promapp® is supporting ACC’s plans for future transformation.

In Auckland, attendees heard about Kiwibank’s process improvement journey.  Aileen Hunia walked attendees through what the Kiwibank team have learned on their road to process management success, as well as several tips and tricks attendees can test in their own organizations.

Genuine Parts APAC joined us in Melbourne, where Divinia Upshall explained how the GPC APAC team uses process management and Nintex Promapp® to create capacity for change, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Melbourne and Sydney’s attendees heard from Kristy Workman explain how she and the team at City of Canning drove and sustained process management buy-in and momentum. Kristy provided numerous tips and ideas for attendees to consider, such as how to run effective Process Champion Forums, training, and process management drop-ins.

Craig Newman from P&N Bank shared with the Sydney crowd how Nintex Promapp® helped P&N transition from a library of old Word documents and Visio charts in SharePoint to a platform with double the number of processes with fewer than 5% out of date.

It wasn’t just customers offering help either. Nintex’s own experts offered workshops on driving engagement and turning the speedbumps of change into springboards for extending the effectiveness of the Nintex platform.

New opportunities

While the current capabilities of Nintex Promapp® were on view, there was also a lot of excitement about the possibilities created by the wider Nintex Platform. Chief Evangelist Ryan Duguid talked through the history and future of automation and outlined how the combination of forms, workflows, document generation, e-signature, and RPA creates an ecosystem of easy-to-use but powerful tools that can revolutionize manual processes.

Shaun Field, Nintex Promapp®’s Product Director, led attendees through some of the platform’s upcoming features, including the much anticipated “magic button.”

Shaun Field Speaking at Connect 2019

This first integration between Promapp® and Nintex Workflow will allow users to request new automations directly from the Promapp® process page and provide automation specialists with the foundations of a workflow based on that process, as well as showing process users where forms and workflows have eliminated repetitive manual steps.

Other coming innovations include process checklists and a versatile reporting API, so there’s a lot to look forward to with the platform.

Moving forward

Connect 2019 program was rounded out with “the elements of success,” a practical look at what makes process management work for businesses, from strategic and active leadership to engaged teams with the skills they need to succeed.

“It validated where we’re at,” one attendee said, “and gave me new ideas.”

Another commented, “I appreciated the exposure to opportunities we previously hadn’t been aware of, in both approach and software solutions. It was also helpful to hear from actual customers who had rolled this out in different contexts – it made it feel more achievable!”

From the keynotes to the client case studies and the workshops, one of the key messages of Connect 2019 was how Nintex supports the customer at every step of the journey. Opportunities like Learning Central and Regional User Groups provide on-demand resources, while our Uservoice product feedback site and the Nintex Community help people explore the products and learn from their peers.

“I liked hearing from like-minded people,” one attendee explained. “It gets explained in a practical, easy way.”

“Hearing stories put our own journey in context,” another added. “Hearing similar struggles and how to approach them is helpful.”



With Nintex ProcessFest® fast approaching (Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, in Bellevue WA) there will be plenty more opportunities to keep pace with the evolution of process management. In the meantime, go to Nintex Promapp® Connect to catch all the presentations.



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