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Develop a culture of excellence with your processes

Efficient processes are an essential part of making your business run smoothly. Whether that’s expense filing, vacation requests, or editorial signoffs – the faster these processes can progress, the better. Automating your processes is the first step to enabling this, but it’s also important to keep improving your processes continually over time. Establishing a culture of excellence with your workplace processes is the best way to ensure continued improvement of how your organization operates.

In fact, we’ve created a whole summit around it. Watch the Nintex Process Excellence Summit available on-demand now, where we will show you our unique methodologies that enable an enterprise-wide business process management initiative. Our special guest speaker is New York Times best-selling business author and Stanford professor, Chip Heath, who will explore why change management is difficult yet critical for growth.

The value of operational excellence

When implementing process automation technology, many often think that once your workflows are built, the job is done. But that’s not the case – and it’s important to keep optimizing your processes on a long-term basis. Processes change over time, and so do the people that use them. Just because a process works well today, doesn’t mean that the same process working, in the same way, is going to continue delivering value in the same way indefinitely.

Process mapping and process analytics are really vital tools to help you build out this sustainable culture of excellence with your processes. By gaining a clear overview of all the workflows that exist in your business, you can clearly identify any potential bottlenecks, current process inefficiencies, and take steps to proactively improve them.

Develop a center of process excellence

A center of process excellence is a vital tool in your arsenal to help you develop sustainable process improvement. This is an internal team who is dedicated to analyzing, understanding and improving the processes in your organization. Using the right analysis tools, these people can gain a strategic overview of what processes exist in the company – which allows them to make concrete suggestions about where improvements can be made.

It’s easy for people working within a process to get tunnel vision, thinking about their own task, and not understanding the bigger picture. But with a center of process excellence, you can make sure there’s a dedicated team of people with an overview of your processes and how they can be improved.

Invest in your people

Don’t underestimate the value that your employees bring to the table. When discussing how your processes can be improved, everybody’s opinion is valid—particularly those that part of a particular process and who will be directly affected by any changes. It’s important to establish a culture of excellence through feedback, improvement, and understanding.

The expense filing example

To understand this in practice, let’s consider a common process, like expense filing. It’s easy for the HR department or line of business manager to set up this process in a way that makes sense for their team. But by also getting feedback from the employees that submit the forms as well as the people who review them you can make sure the process is working at its best for everybody. Encouraging this feedback should be one of the key responsibilities of your center of process excellence.

Improve processes today and in future

At Nintex, a culture of continuous process improvement is a vital part of what we do. For us, effective process automation is a journey, not a destination—which is why we’re constantly updating our products and offerings to reflect the dynamic and changing nature of the processes they’re designed to support.

The Nintex Platform has a range of tools to help your center of process excellence drive continuous improvement in your organization:

  • Process mapping: Create clear and easy to understand process maps that make it easy to understand how common processes progress and who is responsible for them.
  • Process analytics: Get analytics and insight into your everyday processes, giving you the oversight you need to identify bottlenecks, monitor workflow performance, and transform your everyday processes.

With these tools, you can make sure that your processes are working at their very best – not only today but also long into the future.

Need help with your culture of excellence?

Creating a culture of process innovation can be easier said than done – but absolutely anybody can do it. That’s why our upcoming webinar is designed to talk about this culture in more detail, arming you with the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to transform your approach to processes.



Watch the Nintex Process Excellence Summit on-demand now to learn how with Nintex’s help you can turn process knowledge into process assets.



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