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Critical digital process automation resources to reopen with a safe workplace

As companies are implementing strategies to reopen with a safe workplace, Nintex hosted a webinar recently to highlight how to do it safely and digitally.

Our session was moderated by our own marketing manager Elise Harrington and featured Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy, BNBuilders’ Solution Engineer Shawn Namdar, and Nintex Product Marketing VP Michael Schultz.

If you missed our live session, you can watch it on-demand here and we’ve summarized the learnings below.

Analysis and workplace predictions with Aragon Research

Jim kicked off our session with an interactive introduction and covered emerging trends and market insight into the impacts of COVID-19 on the workplace and workforce.

Before the global pandemic, Aragon predicted that by 2025, 30% of global 1000 organizations would be a fully digital business (with 80% probability). This has drastically increased in 2020, as businesses now to need digitally transform faster to serve the needs of employees and customers.

The clear demand across every industry is the new race to digital. As of May 2020, Aragon predicts that by 2023, 65% of businesses in the US, Europe, and Asia will define and support new customer-facing digital business models.

The bottom line, companies will be more digital – in both employee and customer-facing scenarios – automating paper transactions with digital sales and support.

Aragon also defined the key technologies that are ensuring the success of remote teams. Among these are sales enablement as well as digital transaction management and workflow and content automation like the Nintex Process Platform.

Critical digital process automation resources to reopen the workplace safely


Importance of the daily work journey

The development of a safe workplace routine is proven to create happier and more productive employees. Aragon’s research shows that incorporating breaks and scheduling meetings or tasks at specific times throughout the day are important elements that help to avoid burnout.

Critical digital process automation resources to reopen the workplace safely


Jim also highlighted the five key elements that are imperative to remote work:

  • A physical space to work
  • Computer kit and network access
  • Understanding of work objectives
  • Work routine
  • Employee engagement

Most of these are essential to productivity and have likely been instilled after weeks of working from home.

However, the critical element not to overlook is the aspect of Employee engagement.

As we move forward in normalizing remote work, simulating the “digital watercooler” and other normal interactions are vital to maintaining culture.

Jim explained it is as simple as having a work buddy, with established check-ins (or even a daily greeting) like you would in the office.

In short, the pressure is on to ensure everyone on the team is engaged.

The post-pandemic work era

As many companies are already seeing, remote work plans are here to stay.

Aragon predicts by year-end 2022, enterprises will have 40% of the workforce that works remote 100% of the time and, in addition to that, up to 70% of the workforce that works remote 40% of the time using a model of rotating work schedules.

Jim also examines paper – from authorization forms to dollar bills – as a biological agent.

He makes the argument that it will be a company’s responsibility to drive these processes digital in order to eliminate the source of potential spread.

Workplace continuity solutions with BNBuilders

West-coast general contractor, BNBuilders, headed into the COVID-19 pandemic having rolled out Nintex Workflow Cloud a year prior, to remove paper processes and increase corporate knowledge of documented processes.

Solutions Engineer, Shawn Namdar immediately identified the use of the Nintex Workflow & Forms when the Crisis Response Team presented the need for a process to establish contact tracing and minimize contact at jobsite sign-ins.

Within a day, Shawn was able to create a workflow, generate a digital check-in form, and obtain executive buy-in on the solution.

Shawn’s use of Nintex Forms provides multi-language support, the ability to easily and quickly update the process based on evolving CDC guidelines, and employ QR codes to identify over 150+ active jobsites.

The data from the form is stored for easy reporting, and the workflow notifies the Safety and Crisis Response teams if certain criteria is flagged. For the cherry on top, this solution easily populates as a mobile form to eliminate the paper processes and potential biological agent.

Even outside the rigorous procedures due to COVID-19, taking this procedure digital eliminated time-consuming manual processes and gave them live data that can be utilized on PowerBI.

Two months later, this solution has more than 57,000 unique form submissions and other departments have requested help to digitize their processes on the Nintex Process Platform.

Nintex Resources for COVID-19 and beyond

With more than 10,000 customers and 50 percent of the Fortune 500, the Nintex Process Platform is leveraged by organizations across every geography and industry to improve the way people work with process management and automation software solutions.

Amidst the pressure of COVID-19, companies are using process mapping to better understand their procedures, manage workloads with robotic process automation and workflow automation, and improve governance through analytics and process intelligence.

Now is the time to manage, automate, and optimize the processes that are slowing the journey to becoming fully digital.

Here are a few resources to jump-start your journey:

Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery

Get to ROI quickly on the Nintex Process Platform with 140+ templates in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery. More than 6,000 downloads have been recorded since we launched the gallery, with organizations around the global using these quick-start templates to further their investments in Nintex and improve the way people work. The gallery includes scenarios specific to COVID-19 and more than 20 related to contact tracing alone.

Watch our next webinar that reviews five of the most useful templates to implement in your strategy to reopen with a safe workplace. Get a hands-on look at solutions that deploy fast – in hours, not days – for a successful transition back to the workplace.

Back to Work content available on-demand

We’ve made the Go Back to Work, safely, differently, and digitally webinar available on-demand so you can see more audience insight, live Q&A, and a deep dive into how the Nintex Process Platform is here to help.

We look forward to the prospect of reopening safe workplace – of course, with the health and safety of employees and customers as our top priority.



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