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Process Automation is the Heart of Digital Transformation

Successful businesses today understand that having a digital transformation strategy is imperative. But what does that look like in practice? And how can enterprises launch a strategy that gives them the competitive edge?

In a joint presentation at Nintex xchange, Rob Koplowitz of Forrester and Kimberly Morrison of European-based transport company Arriva explained that digital process automation is one of the driving forces behind successful digital transformation. As Koplowitz – a VP and principal analyst at Forrester – pointed out, digital transformation will become the primary purpose behind process-based improvements within the next two years. It will come in ahead of cost reduction, productivity, and CX improvements.

While companies should assess where they stand in their pursuit of digital enablement, it doesn’t take a comprehensive audit to recognize one major hurdle that exists across enterprises: Constrained capacity.

The IT Bottleneck

Companies need high-performing applications to drive a more efficient workforce but lack sufficient app developer capacity. And yet, the problem isn’t that enterprises have too few developers. In reality, the problem is that organizations do not optimally utilize those team members. When companies rely on traditional business process automation solutions, they end up saddling their developers with a surplus of low-level tasks, preventing them from tackling high-value projects.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) tools, like those offered by Nintex, provide a solution to the capacity problem. Through an easily adoptable and rapidly iterative framework, these tools enable businesses to seamlessly automate lower-level functions to free up employee focus for transformative efforts. That said, identifying a suitable IPA solutions provider is key. As Koplowitz explained, it is important for businesses to find platforms that are secure, compliant, adaptable to changing processes, and can integrate with existing systems of record.

Arriva Turns to Nintex

Arriva is one example of a company that’s putting industry-leading IPA solutions into practice to drive a better bottom line.

As Digital Workplace Specialist Kimberley Morrison explained, Arriva – a multinational public transport company with 55,000 employees and 2.2 billion annual passenger journeys – needed a solution that would help various subsets of its business better meet contractual needs, improve data oversight, and avoid penalties. That’s why the company turned to Nintex.

By partnering with Nintex, Arriva has been able to drive its business to the next level of digital transformation. Specifically, Arriva has successfully used Nintex to significantly augment its London busing system – an operation that encompasses around 18 percent of the city’s total buses, with 85+ routes and more than 5,200 employees.

By strategically implementing an IPA solution that connects multiple garages across London to a Center of Excellence, Arriva was able to create an automated workflow to streamline previously labor-intensive processes. Under Arriva’s IPA-backed solution, the busing operation now functions around a single digital platform in which timely, quality data is easily accessible and navigable to all relevant personnel.

As the Arriva example illustrates, a strategic and well-deployed IPA solution can be a game-changer for businesses looking to really get ahead on the digital transformation front.

For more on how companies can tackle digital transformation, follow our live coverage of Nintex xchange on Twitter, and read further on the Nintex blog.



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