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Take control of your business processes with process approval workflows

Continuous improvement requires agility on a process level, where teams can engage with processes and help shape them for increased process efficiency and effectiveness. It’s vital that the people who know your processes best can suggest changes and that those updates can be made accordingly. Rapid iteration and responsive process management ensures that customers are always receiving the best possible service and you are making the most of every efficiency.

Unfortunately, not every procedure and process can afford to be so flexible. Some processes require stricter controls, while others need checks and balances to ensure that when changes are made, they won’t create more issues than they solve.

Traditionally this has led to paper-based sign off regimes, where stakeholders review the process map or procedure documentation before it’s approved and distributed. In a digital environment though, this is counter-intuitive and can lead to delays, breakdowns ,and information going missing. It can certainly turn what should be a simple signoff into a complicated round of emailing and paper chasing.

Simplify and streamline the process approval workflow

The process approval workflow add-on from Nintex Promapp® takes the best-in-class process management tool that teams love to use and adds another layer of accountability and safeguards, without introducing unnecessary complications or costly delays.

The key is to use secure, online sign-offs that are routed directly to the approvers. Each business group or product area can have custom approvers set up, so the right people are kept in the loop for any process change. By assigning process editors and approvers as key stakeholders within process groups, you can ensure that only those changes that are relevant come across their desks.

Those notifications are then easy to see, too. Personalized dashboards make it clear when changes have occurred, and stakeholders can respond with a single click.

It’s simple to click through to the process itself, too, and see the proposed changes highlighted. While reviewing changes, users can leave comments to further the continuous improvement conversation, and those notes are preserved as part of the audit record captured in the changelog.

Version control

As well as the security of ensuring process changes are approved before they’re released, the changelog captures the details of who was responsible for submitting and approving the changes. It also provides version control, allowing review of earlier iterations and, if required, simple restore points for reverting processes.

Nintex Promapp®’s process approval workflow allows you to take control of your processes, turning convoluted paper approvals into simple, clear and direct digital engagement for process stakeholders. With it you can increase control of your continuous improvement efforts, capture more effective audit trails and ensure process efficiency continues to evolve at the speed your business needs.

You can find out more about effective process approvals with Nintex Promapp® in this video:



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