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Powering Santa’s Workshop with the Nintex Platform

It’s the most wonderful time of year – Santa is coming to town! But there is one thing Santa has been struggling with for decades. His processes are highly manual and undocumented, which means it takes a lot of time and coordination for him to get his very important work done to deliver toys and bring happiness to children around the world.

So it’s no surprise that he’s missed a child or two or delivered the wrong present because he lost track of his process in the past. Did you know that Nintex can help Santa to get his work done more efficiently? That’s the power of the Nintex Platform!

Let’s take a look at how we would manage, automate, and optimize his process in what we’re calling Project Christmas.

Nintex Workflow Christmas

Project Christmas

1.  Elf Onboarding

Before the gifting process can even begin, the new elf employees Santa has hired for the holiday season need to be onboarded. Thankfully, they have a transparent overview of their tasks and the process flow by leveraging our visual process mapping tool, Nintex Promapp®.

Nintex Promapp Christmas

2.  Submit a wish list

To kick off the gifting process, the child (or 24-year-old adult, but who’s counting…) submits his or her wish list via an online Nintex Form, on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Nintex Workflow Chirstmas

3.  Automatically route the wish lists to Santa’s phone

Santa receives a notification directly to his mobile phone via Nintex App Studio that a new wish has been submitted. This notification is part of the Project Christmas Workflow, which is triggered as soon as the form is submitted.

Santa is already seeing improvements to his process with automatic routing. If these letters were mailed manually the delivery could be delayed or lost in the mail getting to the North Pole, and Santa would have to spend hours going through each letter to manually tally the orders.

4.  Select presents 

After receiving each letter, Santa selects and approves the present the elves will make/buy for the child as part of his task list.

Nintex Workflow Christmas

Nintex Workflow Christmas

5.  Procure presents

The elf gets a task notification and is informed of which gift Santa has selected. They receive an email with the order as a PDF attachment. When they’ve procured the present, they simply reply with “bought,” and the workflow continues.

Nintex Workflow Christmas

Nintex Workflow Christmas

6.  Create an order form

The document is automatically generated with Nintex DocGen® leveraging the ‘Wish List Order’ template. The document includes the child’s name, address, the gift they will receive, and their photo so that Santa makes no mistakes when he’s delivering presents on Christmas Eve.

Before using Nintex, Santa had to manually create every order form and never got the chance to see the children’s lovely faces. This process wasted time and led to processing and delivery errors. Santa might be magic, but he’s only human! Don’t worry, though – he still checks his list twice!

nintex workflow christmas

7.  Reindeer safety check

Before Santa can leave on Christmas Eve to deliver the presents, the elves need to check if Rudolph is all right and ready to go! They scan the QR Code on the back of every reindeer.

This will automatically create an item on their SharePoint list to update their status and send the information to Santa that his reindeer are okay and he can leave to deliver the presents.

nintex workflow christmas


8.  Deliver the presents!

Once Santa has delivered a gift, he uses his mobile app to select “delivered” on his task list. This ensures that he keeps track of his progress around the world and doesn’t miss a child on his list.

nintex workflow christmas


9.  Plan and optimize for next Christmas

It’s the December 26, and Santa is already thinking about next year’s Christmas!

Santa has a strong focus on process optimization and process excellence, so he uses Nintex Analytics to analyze statistics using real-time data on a Power BI Dashboard. He can see where the children on his list come from, their age, and if he has hit his SLA targets. Using that information, Santa can select the best gifts for each child, optimize his flight path, and create a holly jolly Christmas for everyone.

Nintex Hawkeye Christmas


With process management and automation from Nintex, Santa significantly reduces the time he spends on manual work, has access to real-time insight into his processes to discover bottlenecks before they become a problem, and he always delivered the right present on time to every child in the world.


Nintex wishes you a Merry Christmas and an optimized New Year!


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