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What happened at Pizza and Process with Ben Stori? Watch now

Need another excuse to sit back and eat some pizza while growing your process knowledge at the same time? Well grab a slice of pie (or whatever you have with you) and invest 30 minutes of your time seeing how you can improve your process automation methodology.

In the latest episode of Pizza and Process—available to watch on-demand—you can hear from Ben Stori, senior consultant at Solution Design Group, where we discussed:

  • Testing workflows and processes
  • Employee applications and recruitment automation
  • How to share Nintex knowledge
  • Exciting new features for Nintex Forms

Although we’re still a little unclear about Ben Stori’s pizza-of-choice, we’d love to feature your favorite pizza—store or homemade—in our next episode, so reach out and let us know on the Nintex Community page for Pizza and Process.

Hearing from Ben Stori at Solution Design Group

After introductions, we started our conversation with Stori by learning how first got involved with Nintex.

“We wanted to help our customers build better solutions, and do so organically. Nintex soon became our most valuable process automation tool,” said Stori. “From hybrid products to cloud solutions, it has been great to work with Nintex.”

Stori also noted his favorite capabilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform:

  • Integration to your favorite data storage infrastructure, like OneDrive
  • Ease of use for everyday business users (like recruiters, for instance)
  • The versatility – being able to span all departments of the business such as legal, finance, sales, HR etc.

Stori also talked about how much love and joy his team is pouring into the new workflow testing capability within Nintex Workflow Cloud® and showed us this example of him testing his workflow:

testing in Nintex Workflow Cloud

HR recruitment hiring process built with Nintex Workflow Cloud

Next we viewed this example of an employment application workflow that Stori uses to help teams streamline the onboarding process.

Stori built a set of forms that captures applicant data and then notifies relevant hiring managers of new applicants while also keeping the application process progressing smoothly by sending reminders throughout various stages of the workflow. From scheduling interviews to signing contracts with Nintex DocGen®, the end-to-end process is fully automated.

Check out the triage example screenshot below:

Triage screenshot for Nintex Workflow Cloud Pizza and Process

How to share Nintex knowledge

Every day, Nintex customers are driving process efficiency and delivering measurable business impacts with Nintex DocGen, Nintex Promapp®, Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex RPA, and more. During the Pizza and Process episode, I asked Stori for his advice on how best to learn new Nintex features and functionality.

He shared how he frequently relies on the What’s New tab within the Nintex Workflow Cloud application. He uses these announcements to communicate important updates to his team – especially UI changes and capabilities that could impact program management and project development, making his team aware of opportunities to add “more Nintex” as a cherry on the top.

What do you want to see for the Nintex Process Platform next?

Stori said people are asking for more form configuration options within Nintex Workflow Cloud. As Nintex Forms get published on websites where end-users are customers and consumers, companies need the ability to apply their own branding, font, and style.

This was extremely helpful insight from a poewr-user, and I may have hinted that some more forms functionality may be coming down the Nintex release pipeline in 2021!

To learn what we’re working on next, check out the blog New Nintex Features in 2021 New Nintex Features in 2021.

Be sure to join us for the next Pizza and Process to see what automating processes is like inside Nintex or watch on-demand recordings at Nintex.com/pizza-and-process



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