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Why healthcare organizations should automate their physician contracts

Healthcare organizations create and manage thousands of contracts involving individuals, vendors, and service providers. Traditionally this has involved a lot of manual, repetitive administrative tasks. Today, however, automation is transforming how we manage healthcare contracts – in particular, physician contracts.

This post outlines how automating physician contracts can help your organization improve both onboardings for physicians and patient care.

The basics of physician contracts

To ensure that hospitals are fully staffed, many organizations hire independent physicians on fixed-term contracts that govern work schedules, compensation, benefits, and much else. Such contracts must always comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, which prioritize data security and privacy.

Drafting these contracts, submitting them for legal approval, gaining signatures, and arranging onboarding all can be streamlined with digital process automation. Automation also ensures that forms are properly filled in, which minimizes errors due to things like poor handwriting or simple oversight. Independent research has documented significant savings in time and costs from this type of automation.

Optimize your physician contract processes

Digital automation can also help healthcare organizations to manage contracts more effectively. Here are some examples:

  • Digital workflows – Submit information automatically to the right people to keep processes moving.
  • Document generation – Save time and guarantee compliance by building a library of commonly used contracts, with the correct information already built in.
  • Mobile apps – Design applications that give administrators and physicians access to business-critical workflows – from any device.
  • E-signatures – Instantly sign documents and submit them for approval – from any device, anywhere.
  • Digital forms – Simplify how you collect patient information with tailored forms based on your business logic.

Onboard doctors with ease

Intelligent automation lets administrators create workflows that help physicians provide world-class care. Here’s an illustration:

A healthcare organization is planning to hire several new physicians with different specialties on a short-term basis. To standardize their recruitment and onboarding processes, they have chosen to implement automation into their IT environment, enabling workers to create tailored workflows that ensure requests and corresponding documents quickly get required sign-offs and approvals.

The Director of Operations can create a Physician Contract Request, which outlines the specific job requirements so that only candidates who meet all criteria will be forwarded instantly to internal approvers for review.

The Physician Contract Request is then routed to an external valuation firm who will determine the appropriate hourly rate. A contract is created using document generation and sent to the physician and their hospital’s legal department for e-signature. The organization has hundreds of tailored templates for contracts, and it’s essential to ensure that the correct contract is sent to the correct applicant. The contract creation process is streamlined with automated document generation, allowing workers to generate contracts using a catalog of pre-approved clauses.

Once signed contracts are returned, they are instantly uploaded to the organization’s document management solution, triggering onboarding workflows within relevant departments like IT and HR. Using an onboarding workflow, workers can easily generate login details for the correct systems, grant access to certain buildings, assign equipment, and apply any additional considerations.

When physicians submit monthly invoices to be paid, they can to do so using an automated form that is routed to payroll.

Automate onboarding processes in healthcare with Nintex

Entire organizations can achieve this type of transformation in contract management. Automation can enable new levels of business agility and performance. In healthcare, automated processes that optimize hiring and onboarding are key to delivering excellent services.

Digitizing outdated, paper-based processes is easy with an end-to-end automation solution from Nintex. With Nintex’s document generation, RPA, and digital forms, healthcare organizations can take charge of their processes and create the best experiences for their patients. Our solutions can help administrators negotiate better, streamlined contracts and ensure top quality care.



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