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Nintex University: Optimize your process expertise with Nintex training and certification

As the pace of business accelerates, organizations in every industry are turning to process automation to streamline their operations and stay competitive. The Nintex Process Platform is a powerful, versatile, easy-to-use tool for process automation. But we understand that it can take time to learn new technology. Whether you’re new to the Nintex platform or want to increase your proficiency, we want to set you up for success.

To that end, we’ve just announced the global availability of Nintex University, an online learning platform that empowers customers worldwide to build automated solutions that drive business results.

Nintex University provides convenient training and certification for people in both business and technical roles to quickly and efficiently learn the skills to get the most out of the Nintex. Nintex University offerings are available in a variety of formats, including on-demand online courses for self-paced learning; real-time programs led by online instructors; and in-person training delivered on-site at your organization.

Process automation is an increasingly important strategic tool that organizations around the world are using to optimize how they do business. The number of automation solutions in the market is growing. But these technologies aren’t created equal. It’s important to select tools that are both powerful and easy to use and do not require software developers.

No-code, drag-and-drop solutions like Nintex allow process experts in the line of business to create solutions in hours and days, rather than the weeks or months required with other types of automation.

But where to begin?

Most enterprises don’t have a good understanding of their processes. And automation software vendors often add to the confusion by describing every process challenge as one for which their offerings are the best answer. In fact, there are many different types of processes and several different types of automation.

Nintex recommends that enterprises begin their automation journey by mapping and documenting their processes with a tool like Nintex Promapp®. Process maps created in Promapp® spark discussion among stakeholders, which in turn leads to ideas for improvement and a shared view of how a process should work, as well as how it works at present.

With this type of understanding, process experts can then decide what type of automation will best meet their needs. It might be robotic process automation, workflow automation, document generation, digital forms, mobile apps, or some combination of these. With multiple automation tools at their disposal, process experts and operations professionals can tackle everything from departmental processes to those that reach across organizations.

The key is to put yourself in a position to use the right tool for the job. For example, robotic process automation can quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks that execute the same way every time, such as copying and pasting information from a website to an Excel spreadsheet. Bots can perform these sequences much faster than humans, without making mistakes or getting tired.

The human element

But many processes don’t execute the same way every time; instead, they call for collaboration, judgment, and decisions. For such processes, workflow automation is often a better answer than robotic process automation.

Document generation is another type of automation; solutions in this category use templates to automatically create custom documents that pull content from multiple systems of record. A full-featured automation platform also should include digital forms and mobile applications, both of which help accelerate process execution and reduce errors.

To get the most out of the Nintex Platform, customers can visit Nintex University and enroll in on-demand courses or virtual instructor-led training. Anyone can learn and get certified on Nintex’s award-winning process management and automation platform to ensure they achieve the fastest time to value and greatest return on investment. Customers also may opt for dedicated on-site training. With this range of options, enterprises can choose the best solution for their needs.

Courses delivered via a virtual classroom will have a maximum of 20 students to ensure plenty of time and interaction with the instructor. Each class will run for approximately two hours to allow for effective use of time. Currently, Nintex offers instructor-led training classes at two levels: Practitioner, covering the basics, for people without prior knowledge of Nintex; and Expert, to address more challenging processes.

On-site training can be tailored to the customer’s specific use cases. We rolled this training out at our ProcessFest® user training and certification conference in October and earned an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 points.

By empowering employees to manage, automate, and optimize their own business processes, organizations can achieve their goals faster.


Click here to learn more about Nintex University classes, programs, and certificates here!


Celine Baldevia

Nintex Enablement Specialist Celine Baldevia is a marketer, content creator, graphic designer, and has been with the company for five years. As part of the Customer Success Programs team, she writes and designs the learning curriculum for Customer Learning Central to help users manage and automate their business processes. She is passionate about customer education and efficient, effective workflows. Find Celine on Twitter @celineramba.

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