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Operational excellence: Manage processes, risks and compliance

Experts might argue operational management began with the Sumerians using chain-gangs to build pyramids. Others may suggest it started with interchangeable parts and the industrial revolution, or somewhere in between.

Regardless of its origins, operational management is the engine room of any enterprise, the driving force behind creating products and services as efficiently and effectively as possible in an ever-changing market.

The key to the administration of vital business practices is the processes. Everything from supply chain to payroll depends on people doing their jobs well and knowing what that looks like.

Operational management leverages those processes to increase customer satisfaction and maximize profit across the business.

Process and document management

The first step is to capture processes as they are and work with those who know them best, to improve them. Business process management should engage the end-user in both the creation of process documentation and the maintenance of it.

Managing your processes can’t be laborious or complex, or it just won’t happen. Huge physical manuals or complicated flowcharts full of lines will drive end users away.

Nintex Promapp®, on the other hand, is a simple, easy-to-use tool that makes processes easy to find, define, and use. The clear, cloud-based platform engages teams, and the personalized dashboards and notifications ensure they play an active part in the process management cycle.

Processes also need to connect to the vital documentation that supports the procedures. Whether it’s forms, reports, or templates, front-line staff need access to the documents that populate the activity steps.

Nintex Promapp has a built-in library to gather those documents, which can be embedded directly in your processes. Users may also need instructions or demonstration images or videos, links to external resources, or the legislative requirements for a particular task, which Nintex Promapp can incorporate, too.

When supporting material is made readily available alongside the process, execution is streamlined.

Empower your operations

Having easy-to-reference processes allows for better management of business operations in every department. With the best practice procedures at hand, everyone benefits from the right way to go about their tasks.

By building in a culture of continuous improvement, there’s little excuse for non-compliance as new ideas and suggestions can be collected, considered, and implemented as they arise.

Analysis of process performance can identify waste and breakdowns, and provide insight into where tools like automation could be utilized.

The value of well-documented processes for the operations management team is extended by the way in which those processes contribute to managing operational risk and incidents.

Well-documented risk management

Nintex Promapp links risk management to the essential business processes that affect it. The connection is two-way:

  • Users can follow an identified risk to the processes that impact it
  • Users can see indicators on their processes that pinpoint where risk factors connect with activities and be led directly to the risk assessment and control scheme.

The value to operations is immediate. Where processes provide control schemes for operational risks, they can be easily identified and reviewed. At any point in time, if those processes are updated or changed, the risk manager is informed and can make a judgment call on the impact to the business risk profile.

The presence of supporting documentation provides an opportunity to give more context to the risk, too. If there are legal or industry compliance requirements, the constraints and expectations that surround them can be appended to the process activity, so users can follow not just what to do, but why.

Operationally connected incident management

Incidences of non-compliance, process breakdowns, or customer complaints can have a significant impact on operational success. They represent the exceptions to the norm, and while they are statistically a small fraction of the usual activities, they can have a disproportionate impact if left unchecked.

Nintex Promapp’s incident and improvement add-on provides a workflow for collecting the details of these events and working through how they impact operations – and what can be done differently. It connects these incidents with the business processes that relate to the activities and actions that were affected by the event and provides an avenue for examining the causes.

With the pain points identified, users can suggest changes or reinforce compliance to ensure procedures run more smoothly. By reducing errors and unexpected outcomes through focusing on the processes, operations can eliminate waste and increase productivity.

Operational management relies on effective processes that are well used, understood, and managed. When those processes tie into the areas of risk and compliance that support and surround operational execution, they provide a framework of knowledge and transparency that builds a robust and effective operational platform. Nintex Promapp engages teams to create that environment, providing operational excellence that everyone can benefit from.



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Thomas Kohlenbach

Thomas Kohlenbach is a senior product specialist at Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation. He has over 12 years’ experience implementing initiatives related to continuous improvement (Kaizen/Six Sigma), change management and system integration, across automotive and financial services industries. Thomas is a passionate business improvement advocate who has helped organizations around the world to decrease operational costs and drive cultural change.

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