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Open APIs for eSignature: Get the most from your eSignature integration

Nintex AssureSign® was recently recognized as a Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management for 2017 by Aragon Research, mostly because of our industry-leading APIs – but specifically due to their ‘openness’. So what exactly are ‘open APIs’ for eSignature and how important are they for someone wanting to integrate with their CRM or ERM?

APIs enable seamless integrations

Picture living with your family in an apartment that had one electrical outlet. Or moreover, what if the electrical socket was made in Europe and none of your devices’ electric cords were the right fit? Could you buy an adaptor? Perhaps. Would you know which one was required? Voltage capacity? Do you notice a trend? With each question, the integration becomes increasingly difficult.

This same concept applies to APIs. The integrative capacity (openness) and bi-directionality of APIs determine ease and capability of integration. Business software giants—such as Microsoft—prioritize DTM tools that encompass open and bi-directional APIs due to their ease and efficiency in integrating with CRMs and ERMs. A seamless integration is important for internal and external processes alike, as to ease of set up and scalability directly impact your employees’ ability to service your customers.

Nintex AssureSign®’s open APIs for eSignature

The necessity for open APIs for eSignature was top of mind when we first crafted our electronic signature software. We designed our product from inception to incorporate APIs capable of seamless integration. Our rich simple object access protocol (SOAP) and RESTful APIs expose all elements of the signature workflow process to external systems and controls, allowing our robust solutions to integrate with:

  • Insurance Solutions: Nintex AssureSign® integrates with web portals, policy systems, rating/quoting systems, carrier systems, and agency systems.
  • Web Portals: Our solutions are used in customer self-service applications where new visitors or known signers can come to complete and sign documents.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Nintex AssureSign® has an off-the-shelf plug-in that creates a 100%-native CRM user experience. For Salesforce and Dynamics 365, Integration Partners have taken it even further by integrating with other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and web portals.
  • Public Sector: Integration with citizen management applications and web portals for self-service are widespread. Also, affordable healthcare solutions, insurance, and worker’s compensation applications are also commonly deployed.

If you can’t tell by the many use cases above, our open and flexible APIs make Nintex AssureSign® a great fit for nearly any industry! So what benefit can you expect from our electronic signature integration?

What’s in it for Nintex AssureSign® customers or partners?

No charge for a development environment. Nintex AssureSign® does not charge or restrict the usage of a sandbox/development environment. We’ve seen the benefits of integrating Nintex AssureSign® into other solutions first-hand and we want prospects of our platform to experience this benefit as well.

  1. Full-featured environment. All of Nintex AssureSign®’s features are available for users to deploy with no API restrictions.
  2. Access to Nintex AssureSign® knowledge base. Helpful guides and videos, detailed deployment announcements, live status updates, and access to developers and support—all available via our knowledge base.
  3. Easily move from a sandbox to production environment. Nintex AssureSign®’s export/import function allows a customer or developer to easily move all templates, workflows and email designs from one system to another at any time. Companies can keep their branded templates as they move from systems and applications.
  4. No expiration for credible users/developers. If a client is using the sandbox/development environment, they won’t get shut down. Environments that do not see usage activity for more than 90 days may be subject to disablement.
  5. Proven revenue generator. Nintex AssureSign® Connect is the only partner program in the electronic signature industry with a proven revenue stream. With the industry’s most flexible API, and no product development or certification fees required, resell partners can receive all the benefits of Nintex AssureSign®’s electronic signature platform without sacrificing security or control.

So like living in an apartment with foreign, incompatible electrical outlets, enterprises fail to function without right-fit integrations. When considering functionality and ease of use, utilizing an electronic signature platform that doesn’t integrate with priority business applications and workflows can do more harm than good. Furthermore, a dysfunctional integration can lead to undue barriers to your employees and customers, significantly impacting your bottom line.



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