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Onboarding and employee training with Nintex Promapp®

Staff turnover is a fact of life in modern business. A recent survey suggests that up to 30% of Gen Z workers expect to change career or employer within two years, and around half of those who plan to remain expect to be promoted internally within that timeframe.

That means two-thirds of the Gen Z workforce anticipate changing roles relatively quickly – and the organizations they are part of need to be prepared for it.

Without adequate business process management and effective tools for communicating that information through training and onboarding, staff movement can cost an organization significantly. Every change of staff puts vital business knowledge at risk. Have their processes been captured? Who holds that information? How will it be passed on to the new person in the role?

If the answers to those questions aren’t clear, the potential losses can grow rapidly through extended training and a need to reinvent what was previously taken for granted.

A consistent approach to employee onboarding

The answer is to establish a consistent approach to onboarding and training that ties directly to your core business processes.

Capturing and managing effective business processes involves the whole team. A collaborative, easy to access and use tool invites your staff to gather, review and improve on the procedures everyone takes for granted. While that has benefits from increasing work productivity and reducing errors or loss, it also creates a platform for better onboarding and training.

Rather than losing precious business knowledge when people leave, it’s retained in well-captured and mapped processes, recorded and improved upon by the teams they’re part of. When new starters join the team, they have immediate access to a wealth of knowledge that can dramatically reduce the time it takes for them to be productive in their role.

That information still needs managing though. It’s not enough to throw a procedure manual at new employees and expect them to operate at capacity overnight.

This is where onboarding and training needs to be managed.

Nintex Promapp®’s onboarding and training add-on integrates the wealth of knowledge in your process management platform with powerful staff education structures. It utilizes role-based process information to highlight the right processes for any role, and automate the creation of an onboarding track that focuses on the relevant information. By continuously and permanently synchronizing training with processes, there is significantly less risk of misalignment, knowledge gaps and wasted time.

The onboarding and training add-on also offers quick, efficient training record management to facilitate continuous learning. Whether it’s an onboarding track for a new employee or recurring training for a whole team, division, or company, the tool connects key processes with roles, supervisors and schedules to ensure that there is visibility over the entire scope.

Nintex Promapp® can help organizations that have an inconsistent approach to new employees by enabling them to offer a systematic tool to ensure rapid and effective onboarding for new staff across the business. Where training records and compliances have been handled manually, Nintex Promapp® provides digital records of who has been trained, when and in what – all in direct relationship to critical business processes.

Using Nintex Promapp® to manage onboarding and training ensures training requirements are clear, easy to assign and simple to track.

Here are some of the key benefits the onboarding and training add-on offers:

Automated onboarding

Create onboarding plans based on roles and responsibilities, with real-time onboarding progress and completion tracking.

Integrated process knowledge

Connect training and onboarding plans to your business processes, as well as the risk and improvements add-ons. Associate training with incident reports, improvement suggestions, customer feedback tickets, business risks or compliance requirements.

Mobile accessibility

Sign off training attendance and acknowledge process changes from mobile devices to provide flexibility and easy engagement.

Personalized notifications

Get notifications and see training information directly from your personalized dashboard. Track training you’re responsible for, including expiries and attendance at a glance.

Effective reporting

Maintain training records and attendance reports with ease. Track competencies, including who has been trained and who hasn’t, on the full training dashboard.

Nintex Promapp® connects your essential business process information with the people who need it most, and that is especially important when you are training new staff.


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