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Non-profit organization TLC for Kids supports its mission with Nintex Drawloop®

Digital transformation is a common term for the public sector as is the business practice of taking a digital-first approach. The goal of digitally transforming has been and will continue to be top of mind for for-profit organizations around the world.

But what about the non-profit sector?

According to a study from NetChange on digital teams, only 11% of non-profit respondents said the way their organization manages digital is highly effective.

What if non-profit organizations developed and implemented digital transformation efforts similar to for-profit businesses?

With the right technology, they can save time and money while driving productivity and better supporting their mission.

TLC for Kids, an Australian charity, is a great example of how non-profit organizations can leverage technology to free up resources and support their mission. See for yourself in our new customer showcase video.

TLC for Kids supports children in need across Australia

The mission of TLC for Kids is simple: To put smiles back on sick kids’ faces. It does this through its Rapid TLC and distraction box programs, which provide practical and emotional support for children in need and their families.

“The idea for the charity came when I discovered children who were falling through the gaps of existing services. Our goal is to make a real difference in their lives at what can be a very traumatic time.”
– Tim Conolan, Founder, TLC for Kids

TLC for Kids was established by Tim Conolan in 1998. Since then, the organization has helped over 7 million children and registers nearly a million occasions of impact every year.

Behind all of these initiatives is a team of just 24 staff members, with 14 stationed at its call center handling incoming requests and support activities.

Transforming communications with Nintex Drawloop  

Being able to execute quickly and efficiently is critical to TLC for Kid’s services – its Rapid TLC program responds to all requests immediately and actions them within 24 to 48 hours.

Each request for assistance that TLC for Kids receives, requires the creation of confirmation letters for both the child receiving the service and the healthcare professional who lodged the request.

Support staff used a series of Google Docs templates that they manually copied and pasted information from the received request form into. It was a manual, clumsy and time-consuming process. The non-profit organization was already using Salesforce.com and wanted to find something that could integrate with that and streamline its document creation process.

After evaluating options for document generation software, TLC for Kids selected Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce and had a solution live in two months.

How DocGen® saved TLC time and freed up resources for the non-profit

Since implementing Nintex Drawloop, TLC for Kids letter templates are now auto-populated with the data from service request forms saving the organization an estimated 15 minutes per letter.

The charity is now looking at how it can leverage Nintex into other parts of its operations including donor communications.

“Nintex has already become an important part of our support infrastructure. I look forward to working with them as a valuable technology partner as we grow our services in the future.”
– Tim Conolan, Founder, TLC for Kids


Read the case study to learn more about how TLC for Kids is using Nintex to save time, free up resources and support its mission.

If you’re a non-profit and looking to find ways to cost-effectively and efficiently automate your operations, watch an on-demand demo of Nintex Drawloop in action.

To see what others are saying about Nintex Drawloop, we encourage you to visit the AppExchange for peer reviews.


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