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Nintex Workflow Generator is now a reality. Here’s how it works.

Nintex strives to help organizations optimize their processes and boost their digital transformation, continually developing functionality and enhancements to accomplish this. And our passion for continuous improvement development leads us to our latest milestone. We’re extremely excited to announce Nintex Workflow Generator, a new feature that delivers powerful capabilities to benefit your business.

Map your processes, and now add automation

Nintex Promapp® makes it easy to map, document, and manage your business processes. Now, it’s also simple to add automation to the mix. By bringing process mapping and automation technology together, we’re delivering even more value to enterprises of all types and enabling true end-to-end process automation.

The new Nintex Workflow Generator eliminates the technical barriers that can prevent organizations from harnessing the full power of automation. It enables better communication and collaboration between the people who know your processes best and the people responsible for automating them.

Here’s what that looks like for your business.

Connected, collaborative automation

When a process expert identifies a process that can be automated, they can easily map it using Nintex Promapp®, then simply click “Request Automation.” Natural language processing (NLP) identifies activities to be included in that workflow.

Next, an automation specialist is notified and provided with all the information they need to create the automation using our simple Nintex Workflow drag-and-drop interface. A few clicks are all that’s needed — no coding required.

When the specialist finishes creating the automation, the person who requested it is notified, so they can check that it meets their requirements. If it’s correct, the new automated process can be published and rolled out immediately, throughout the business.

This streamlined, collaborative, and connected way of working enables process experts and automation experts to work together more easily than ever. Everyone is on the same page, so requirements are more effectively communicated and implemented. The entire process development cycle is faster — and with less need to rework the solution multiple times to achieve the desired outcome.

Nintex Workflow Generator is designed to help you get it right the first time.

Simple, clear, and efficient

Workflows and automation can also be tracked easily by end-users. Automated elements are shown with highlighted activity boxes, and the handover points are clearly marked to show where different users’ inputs begin and end.

Users can see all the workflows being implemented, which processes are involved, and any automated documents such as input forms. They can easily grasp where their input is needed, where automation takes over, and be guided step-by-step.

This kind of transparency, with everything available at a glance, helps users to understand and engage with their workflows and identify the efficiencies gained. Along with ease of use, this is an important factor for the success of workflow adoption and for an organization to truly maximize their return on investment in automation technology.

Optimize your organization

By integrating automation into Nintex Promapp®, Nintex makes it easier than ever to optimize processes across your business. Nintex helps you increase collaboration, streamline process development and bring management and automation together in one platform. This cuts out the bottlenecks and roadblocks that can occur in process development and deployment and quickly unlocks all the value of digital workflows.

When you can more easily and effectively automate one process, you’ve freed up time and resources for the next one. These efficiency savings quickly add up, accelerating organization-wide optimization and transformation, and creating a tangible large-scale impact in a shorter timeframe than ever before.

That’s the big-picture benefit the Nintex Workflow Generator brings to the table. With this tool, we truly bring you the most valuable end-to-end process improvement solution on the market.

A big step for process technology

Nintex Workflow Generator is an exciting milestone for Nintex and for the entire field of process automation technology. For the first time, your organization can map, manage, and automate processes using one powerful, unified platform. The combination of process mapping and automation delivers infinite optimization possibilities for every business.


To talk about the new possibilities the Nintex Platform offers your organization, get in touch with us today.


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