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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce – Enterprise Process Automation for the Modern Workplace

At Nintex xchange 2018 last month, I had the pleasure of presenting with Nintex Director of Engineering Tracy Powell to demonstrate how Nintex for Salesforce makes it easy to automate virtually any business process, all without leaving Salesforce.

As technology advancements continue to disrupt industry after industry, the dynamics of how businesses operate and remain competitive are changing significantly.

So, what does it take to maintain pace in this digital world? For many organizations, no code Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions are the answer to creating ongoing efficiencies, better customer experiences, greater compliance, and ultimately, a better bottom line.

IPA provides the means to build and deploy enterprise automation solutions rapidly – in hours or days versus months or years. In addition, by removing a dependency on development work, business analysts and power users are entrusted to automate, orchestrate, and optimize processes on their own.

The Power of Process® Automation Where It Matters Most

Nintex has always focused on providing a no-code automation platform to enterprises within the applications they use every day. This paved the way for Nintex Workflow for Salesforce, which empowers information workers to automate their processes without leaving the familiarity of their Salesforce Org.

Nintex Workflow for Salesforce offers new and diverse cross-platform process automation capabilities, combining advanced workflow logic with powerful Document Generation and Modern Forms. This includes the ability to automate complete end-to-end document-centric processes that span multiple organizations and systems.

Nintex Workflow for Salesforce gives autonomy to those that know the processes best, rather than placing the power of process automation solely in the hands of IT.

Let’s take a look at some more examples.

Web Form to Salesforce Lead

Jennifer is the Salesforce admin for a company that sells commercial 3D printers to clothing and apparel startups. The company runs successful online marketing campaigns that drive a lot of traffic to their website. However, the business struggles to successfully capture those potential new customers and create leads in Salesforce. Currently, they have a form on their website that uses an out-of-the-box plugin for the content management system, but there is no link between the form and their CRM.

While Jennifer understands how the process should work, creating a set of requirements and communicating them to IT is a formidable task.

Leveraging Nintex Workflow for Salesforce, Jennifer is empowered to design a new automated process that collects these leads, integrating the web-based form with their Salesforce environment and the content repository – all without leaving Salesforce or having to rely on IT to build the solution.

Not only has Jennifer successfully ensured that all leads are captured and the sales reps can reach out to new prospects quickly, she has also removed the need to manually collect and enter these leads into Salesforce.

Optimizing with Document Generation for Salesforce

After using her “Form-to-Salesforce Lead” workflow for a while, Jennifer meets with the sales team to learn of more ways she can optimize the sales process.

Sales informs Jennifer that the first action they take when getting new leads is to contact the prospects, determine the product they are interested in, and construct a welcome document that includes the specific product information.

By simply adjusting the web form to add a ‘product selection’ field, Jennifer can use Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce to automatically create a welcome package tailored to each of the three available products. This document package is then automatically emailed to a prospect and attached to the newly created lead record in Salesforce.

Jennifer also knows her sales team thrive on being highly responsive to their leads. To further enhance the process, she creates a connection with the sales Slack channel. Now, whenever a lead comes through from the web, Salesforce is automatically updated, the prospect receives further information regarding the product they are interested in, and sales are quickly notified – all without Jennifer writing one line of code.

Install Nintex for Salesforce Today

With Nintex for Salesforce – available free on the Salesforce AppExchange – users gain the ability to create new, edit, or manage workflows using the Nintex workflow designer embedded into Salesforce, or import workflows from the Nintex Community.

Furthermore, with Nintex Document Generation, users can automate and optimize the creation of business-critical documents. Address business needs around document compliance and standardization, and minimize user errors that occur when manually copying and pasting data between word processing documents.

Enterprises today are avoiding the IT backlog and using the power of Nintex for Salesforce to automate many of their sales-centric business processes. How can your business benefit from streamlined sales processes?


Learn more about Nintex for Salesforce by visiting our website. Missed my session with Tracy at xchange last month?

Sam Sysum

Sam Sysum is a Product Manager for Nintex Document Generation. He is based in our Irvine, California office.

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