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Highly requested functionality to be unveiled at Nintex Workflow Cloud® virtual event

Nintex is excited to announce that the next generation of our Nintex Workflow Cloud platform has finally arrived! Our team has been working tireless to ensure that the next generation is bigger and better than ever before. Our goal is to continuously innovate our platform to make your process automation journey in the cloud even easier.

With Nintex Workflow Cloud’s new modern architecture and zero dependencies, our cloud-first platform is scalable, reliable, and secure. The platform is designed to be used by a broad range of software users — from business analysts, to IT and ops professionals, and professional developers. Leverage this powerful, yet easy to use technology stack to accelerate digital transformation in a broad range of use cases across your organization.

Nintex Workflow Cloud is the central nervous system to your business, connecting your people to your processes and systems of record.

Learn how to automate faster & smarter than ever before

We’re excited to be hosting Automate Faster & Smarter with Nintex Workflow Cloud, a 3-day virtual event where we will discuss our latest innovations to the platform.

Join us March 9-11 to experience what’s new with our Nintex cloud platform. Click here to register!

On Day 1, we’ll announce and show off the newest Nintex Workflow Cloud features. We’ll also hear from New Belgium Brewing Co., a Nintex customer for over 12 years, on how they have successfully used Nintex Workflow Cloud to solve business problems by increasing their processes efficiency and decreasing process errors.

On Day 2, Nintex partners Synergy, Boost Strategy Partners, and Nintex customer Ricoh will join us in their respective regions to discuss some exciting use cases, touch on process automation best practices, and share some tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years.

And on the final day, we have planned a 2-hour virtual workshop led by Nintex experts. This session is highly interactive and allows you to get first-hand experience using Nintex Workflow Cloud.

What’s included in the launch?

You might be asking yourself, what is new for the next generation of Nintex Workflow Cloud? Well, strap in because there’s a lot.

Nintex Analytics is getting an upgrade! You can now optimize workflows and processes with real-time, state-of-the-art analytics technology. The update gives user higher data accuracy and the ability to scale your processes as your organization’s automation efforts grow. With pre-built dashboards and widgets, you can enjoy immediate, actionable insights into your workflows and automated processes.   

We also launched ‘Repeating Sections’ functionality that simplifies the task of automating complex processes and ensures the accuracy of Form data.

Additionally, you can now have multiple approvers within Nintex Workflow Cloud. Users can create a single task and assign it to ‘one’ or ‘many’ assignees. ‘Multiple Approvers’ accelerates processes and eliminates silos and briefcase time by allowing a process to move from one status to the next without any time lost.

Improve the user experience and eliminate bad data or data loss by allowing participants to save their form progress. The ‘Forms Save and Continue’ feature allows for the form draft to be stored in My Nintex, where participants can return to edit and finish later.

Lastly, we have built new pre-built connectors to help connect your Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows to popular productivity tools. Begin including Google, Microsoft, Trello, Asana, Mailchimp, and more today.

Take advantage of the new Nintex Workflow Cloud

At Nintex, we’re committed to improving the way people work. We understand business processes, and we understand automation.

With all of the new tools and functionality provided in the latest release of Nintex Workflow Cloud, we provide an opportunity to learn about each new aspect in-depth. Make sure to register for Automate Faster & Smarter with Nintex Workflow Cloud today to experience our latest innovations and see them in action.



Interested in getting started with Nintex Workflow Cloud? Click here to request a free trial today!



Matt Mayhew

Matt is a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, located in the Bellevue, WA office. He is passionate about product marketing and has 10+ years of experience guiding product evangelism in various environments. Matt enjoys creating and executing marketing strategy and telling a compelling product story.

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