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Nintex Workflow Cloud® Global Webcast Recap

It sounds simple, but when your business processes are functioning well it usually means your business is running successfully.

However, the opposite is also true. When your everyday processes and tasks are hitting snags and knocking your objectives off course, you’re unlikely to make the transition from good to great.

Last week, we hosted a webcast “New Year’s Resolution: Make Work Less Work with Nintex Workflow Cloud” which focused on how Nintex Workflow Cloud, our recently launched workflow platform, digitally transforms inefficient processes, enabling smoother collaboration, faster decision-making and better business results.

Interestingly enough, 25 percent of those who registered for the event were in non-IT roles, like sales, marketing, HR and finance, which is great news because our platform is designed to be as easy to use for a non-tech person as it is for IT pros.

During the presentation, we put our cloud-based platform through its paces with a series of real-life demonstrations to show just how intuitive the Nintex Workflow Cloud really is. If you missed the webcast, don’t worry, I’ve recapped the important stuff below.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

So, What Did You Miss?

A key theme of our webcast—and what we believe generally—was the idea that to self-actuate in your business, you need tools and solutions that are not only easy, but powerful as well.

Solutions that put the user first.

After a short introduction, we took Nintex Workflow Cloud for a test drive. Across three separate demonstrations, we showed just how easy, human-centric and intelligent the platform is.

Nintex Solves for Salesforce – Easy Sales Discount Approvals

The first demonstration related to sellers.

You know how it is, you have individual salespeople ad-libbing and offering non-standard discount terms to your customers; which is good—some of your best business happens when you go ‘off-script’—but how are you supposed to automate something that isn’t ‘standard issue,’ or changes from deal to deal?

There often is a notion that automated workflows like native Salesforce workflow tools can be less flexible and for mundane tasks. Well, in this demonstration we showed how Nintex Workflow Cloud allows for flexibility without compromising on the ease of design.

We showed how easy it is to set up a discount approval process: in approximately eight minutes we configured the start event, through to building the workflow, incorporating Express Approval, as well as adding an SMS notification and running the automation—highlighting speed and ease.

A Press Release That Connects Us All

Our second demonstration showcased Nintex Workflow Cloud’s advanced process logic and how you can connect multiple stakeholders around the process of creating and collaborating on a company press release.

The complexity of this business process comes from the number of people involved; from the information required from multiple sources to the back and forth of the review-approval-rework cycles; throw into the mix a tight deadline and the need for quality work and you have a combination that can lead to a lot of frustration.

We showed how an automated process pulls information from multiple sources and enables review-approval-rework as needed by activating checks and tasks to ensure timely delivery of a high-quality document—all in less than 10 minutes.

The starting trigger, in this case, is when a document is uploaded to your file share, which we built onto with additional actions to showcase the steps involving internal approvals by a variety of stakeholders (the VP of Marketing, the CLO, the CEO, etc.).

From there, we built in access rights for external contributors (if a quote needed approval, for example), which were removed once the approval had taken place. The document was then routed back for that all-important final approval.

Connecting people properly helps you get optimized process efficiency, beat inaction and ensure optimal quality. 

A Great Taste of Mobile Adaptability

In our final demonstration, we showcased just how adaptable and intelligent Nintex Workflow Cloud is, especially when leveraging mobile technology, process analytics and Internet of Things (IoT), to build and optimize processes. All of which blow native workflow and much simpler task automation solutions out of the water.

Nintex customer Mitchells & Butlers run around 1,600 of the UK’s favorite pubs and restaurants. Within their establishments, they keep expensive food inventories that must be protected against spoilage. This requires frequent checks and reports to ensure quality and safety compliance.

The issue with manual checks and reports is that they can only be carried out at human speed, making the process slow and prone to error. So, when manual processes break down, the restaurants lose expensive inventory and become vulnerable to health and compliance penalties. Additionally, repetitive checks take employees’ time and energy away from providing service to customers.

Our demonstration showcased a layered solution that incorporated multiple levels of intelligence and adaptability to help Mitchells & Butlers automate their vital processes.

We began with Mobile Forms—while still partially manual, the Mobile Forms app digitizes the paper trail tracking refrigeration equipment, captures data and responds intelligently to the entered data regarding things like food temperatures.

From there, we added Nintex Analytics, which automatically identifies opportunities for further efficiency gains. We then incorporated the IoT into Nintex Analytics, connecting a sensor to become one of our workflow triggers when a temperature dropped or rose beyond a certain level.

Finally, we showed how all these levels of the workflow, and the data within, could be viewed and used to make better, more informed business decisions.


So go ahead and act now – watch the recorded webcast now and see how Nintex Workflow Cloud can make your work less work!


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