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Nintex Workflow Boosts Non-Profit Productivity

Non-profit organizations are long accustomed to doing more with less. Budgets depend on government funding and donations and volunteer resources can increase and decrease. Most non-profit organizations know a thing or two about stretching a budget and maximizing their outcomes.

At for-profit enterprises, digital transformation has long been on the minds of executives. According to Forbes, non-profit organizations are faced with the same challenge of transforming their manual process to a completely digital organization as their for-profit counterparts.

The International Executive Service Corps (IESC) realized the value of digitizing and automating its processes to help its staff of 100 do more with less.

Background: The IESC

IESC is an international economic development non-profit organization that was founded by David Rockefeller in 1964. Since its founding, IESC has completed over 25,000 projects and helped save or create more than 1.5 million jobs. With a staff of just 100 employees and projects in 130 countries, the IESC knows how to stretch its resources.

IESC made the decision to migrate from an on-premises Lotus Notes environment to Office 365. Government contracts and grants fund most of IESC’s work, which involved added compliance and auditing requirements. To ensure compliance and auditability, John Troup, IESC Information Services Manager, used out-of-the-box SharePoint forms and workflows to digitize the organization’s processes but IESC staff and volunteers found them challenging to use – resulting in low uptake. Instead, many users chose email workarounds to avoid the workflows, creating the very audit risk that the IESC wanted to avoid.

The IESC needed an easier to use workflow solution that would support user adoption and integrate with its new Office 365 environment.

The answer: Nintex for Office 365

“We wanted a solution that integrated fully with the Office 365 we already had, offered a highly intuitive interface, and was already in widespread use,” shares John Troup. “That’s Nintex Workflow for Office 365. It’s really an industry standard.”

The IESC selected Nintex for Office 365 and with a simple workflow for personnel leave requests that immediately reduced the time it takes supervisors to approve those requests. Next, Troup and his team created a more complex workflow for contractor management that required integration with DocuSign and Taleo contractor database software. Troup says the integration couldn’t have been easier.

“Nintex has a native integration with DocuSign that eliminates the need for custom work. And Nintex web services were a great way to call Taleo’s REST API. We avoided tremendous time and expense for consultants.”

Productivity is way up

Following the success of the personnel leave request and contract management workflows, Troup built a workflow for the organization’s invoice approval processes. The IESC is now processing 350% as many invoices as it could before the use of Nintex Workflows, and approval times is down 80% from 7 days to 1.5 days or less.

Nintex for Office 365 also helps IESC ensure the auditability of its funds. With the Nintex solution, Troup and his team can ensure that proper procedures are being followed and the organization has the ability to show how funds are being used and monitored.

IESC expects to deploy more Nintex solutions in the future. Troup shares “the more time I spend on the Nintex Platform, the more I get out of it, the more I find features I can use to make our staff more productive and our organization more effective.”


Interested in learn more about how IESC boosted their productivity with Nintex? Read the case study.

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