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Nintex unification: Optimizing the user experience

If you have logged into Nintex Workflow Cloud recently you will have noticed that we released our new look and feel for Nintex Workflow Cloud. This includes the Nintex Workflow Cloud forms and mobile experiences, joining the already unified Nintex Analytics and Nintex RPA Central. This is a significant milestone for us in creating a unified Nintex with the remaining milestone of Nintex Promapp® to join the unified Nintex platform in the coming months.

Beyond just a fresh and modern look and feel, we focused on three core components in our unification efforts: Accessibility, Consistency, and Efficiency.

Increasing accessibility for all

Something that many people don’t immediately realize when discussing accessibility is that focusing on accessibility means greater usability for all.

There is a science behind the colors in our unified design that ensures our users can focus on the task at hand. The input field borders in dark grey with clearly associated text labels and dark grey text allows users to easily focus on the task at hand. Moreover, the blue in the product is designed to help users quickly find buttons and key actions. Likewise, the visualizations in Nintex Analytics ensure that all graphics have high contrasting colors to aid visual legibility.

Nintex unification

Moving towards this goal of making Nintex products accessible to all users will allow your organization to publish forms for all of your end-users and allow them to manage their processes seamlessly, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.


Our entire product team is focused on making it easy for all our users to learn how to use any and all of our products. We know that consistency is key to helping our users to move between products seamlessly with a lower learning curve.

With our focus on a unified Nintex experience, we ensure we consider all aspects of our products from color, fonts, terminology, and interaction paradigms are consistent; regardless of where our user is. Our User Experience Design team work meticulously to ensure that a new construct enters into the product in consideration of the wider platform. Allowing us to be certain that we don’t ask our users to do the same thing in different ways across products.

One of the many examples, you may have already seen, is how botflows™ in Nintex RPA Central are configured. This configuration now uses the right-hand panel that is familiar to anyone who has used Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex unification

Improving efficiency

As we align our products and have consistent user interactions our engineering teams can scale to allow us to increase the speed to market of features our customers need. We know at Nintex that listening to our users is the only way they will have a delightful user experience. This means we want to get features to our customers as soon as we can. I must admit I feel really grateful to all the work the product, UX, and engineering teams do to make our products that our customers genuinely appreciate.

So, what’s next for the Nintex Unification initiative? In addition to the new Nintex Promapp experience coming soon, over the next year we will be creating a number of unified experiences such a more complete My Nintex destination for end-users that houses both workflow and process information and a unified mobile app that will allow you to manage all your tasks, notifications and track status of the processes and workflows you engage with most often.

Stay tuned to the future as we’re excited to continue this journey and look forward to your feedback!



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Mark Whooley

Mark Whooley is a User Experience Manager at Nintex responsible for the UX of Nintex RPA, Nintex Promapp®, Nintex Analytics, and Nintex Drawloop DocGen® products. He is passionate about delivering software that delights the user and strives to make the Nintex Platform reflect that.

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