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Nintex unification and embracing change

This year with many of us working from our lounge rooms, spare rooms, and bedrooms, we have all been reminded that we must always be ready to embrace change. The product teams at Nintex have been working together (from afar) during this time to embrace change. We have been planning, designing, and executing a unified product offering, to realize the vision of a single Nintex experience for our customers.

Nintex began as a way to empower people to automate processes, and that innovative mindset thinking about the user first has helped make Nintex a leader in the industry. With all this success came substantial growth for the organization.

During my time at Nintex, we have acquired multiple amazing companies, all of which I have had the privilege of working with. These acquisitions significantly increased our ability to provide key solutions to our customers and partners, however, they also brought radically different interfaces and interactions for our users to learn and master.

Which brings us to the nexus of the issue we plan to solve by unifying our platform, and the journey on which we’ve embarked.

The future with a unified Nintex

We’re keeping three key goals in mind for this initiative.

  • Accessibility

Nintex products must be usable for not just able-bodied users, but every user, regardless of physical or cognitive challenges.

  • Consistency

Having a consistent set of colors, fonts, terminology, and interaction paradigms across all Nintex products means an easier learning curve and less time context switching between features and products.

  • Efficiency

Aligning our product and engineering teams around a single set of design elements result in faster development time and increased speed to market.

As an organization, we strive to make the work our users do more efficient, and the products we deliver should follow suit. We firmly believe that we need to ensure our product is accessible, usable, and consistent.

As such, the next evolution of our product offering is a platform with unified branding, styles, language, and interactions. We want our users to be able to quickly learn how to use all of our products and allow them to focus on the task of managing, optimizing, and automating their processes.

This is why our User Experience team is leading a shared vision for the platform, and working with the product and engineering teams to solve the current differences in our interfaces and interactions in our products to give you a better experience, no matter what part of the Nintex Platform you need to optimize your business.

Nintex Platform updates

While it is all well and good to talk about what we are doing, why don’t I show you what we are doing…. Let’s look at some colors.

Salesforce Query action in Nintex Workflow Cloud in current color designs

The Nintex orange that is used everywhere in our product is problematic.

The Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) is a very important guideline for designing online products in a way that enables the greatest possible cohort of our society to easily use online products and resources.

The orange used in Nintex products presents a contrast problem that makes it more difficult to read and achieve accessibility required by WCAG. The Nintex orange behind black or white text is challenging and, in some cases, impossible to discern for some vision-impaired users.

Salesforce Query action in Nintex Workflow Cloud in draft new designs. The new design illustrates clearer color contrast in the action configuration.

Color is ubiquitous in our lives; it is used throughout societies and nature to convey ideas and information. It is something we take seriously when we take this next step of our product evolution. You can immediately see the benefit these new colors add to the product, and when carried out platform-wide, it will enhance our users’ experiences navigating end to end functionality Nintex provides in a sophisticated solution.

It also goes without saying that the new colors are also a bit fresher.

Draft design for Nintex Promapp® with easier to read left hand navigation bar

In the example of Nintex Promapp just by changing the colors of the left-hand navigation bar, which helps the user find processes and documents, we are increasing the ability to scan which is important in a high click area like this.

These are just a couple examples of the changes you will be seeing across the Nintex Platform in the months to follow.

Knowing that large scale UX changes can be more disruptive than smaller changes over time, and in true agile software development style, you won’t see a “big bang” update overnight.

Aptly the first product that will release with the new unified Nintex theme will be our new Nintex Analytics that is scheduled for release in the latter part of this year. We anticipate a user-focused update of our Nintex RPA Central product to follow shortly afterward, with Nintex Workflow Cloud, including Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile to be updated and released within the next six months.

As a team, this evolution of our products has provided significant opportunities for us all to learn. Making the complex simple is what every User Experience Designer at Nintex is asked to do. This example of color change in our platform is just the beginning of our single portal vision.

If you are interested in learning more about the internal workings of the UX team,  let us know and we will happily share more with you. You can also sign up to participate in usability research our team conducts regularly.



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Mark Whooley

Mark Whooley is a User Experience Manager at Nintex responsible for the UX of Nintex RPA, Nintex Promapp®, Nintex Analytics, and Nintex Drawloop DocGen® products. He is passionate about delivering software that delights the user and strives to make the Nintex Platform reflect that.

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