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Nintex UK named among Best Workplaces in Tech 2019

Commitment to people – customers, partners, and staff – has helped Nintex UK win a top position in a major survey that identifies the Best Workplaces in Tech 2019.

Nintex UK placed 13th in the category of medium-sized UK companies in a survey by Great Place to Work. Overall, the survey includes opinions from about 3.4 million people at 10,000 organizations globally. Results were announced this week.

“Nintex UK is proud to feature so prominently in this year’s list of Best Workplaces in Tech,” said Florian Haarhaus, Nintex’s London-based VP of Sales for EMEA.

“We work hard to ensure that everyone at Nintex has the opportunity to do the best work of their career here,” Haarhaus said. “We’re focussed on enablement and career development, as well as making sure we provide a highly transparent and supportive work environment.”

What makes Nintex a great place to work

Companies that made the 2019 Best Workplaces in Tech list scored significantly higher than the UK national average in several parameters, including trust. Best workplaces scored 86% on the Trust Index Survey, a component of the overall Great Place to Work survey, compared to the UK average of 70%.

Ninety percent of companies in the 2019 list agreed with the statement, “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” Average tenure of employees at Best Workplaces companies is about five years, compared to about two years in tech companies overall, the survey found.

Some 84% of employees at “Best Workplace” companies agreed that “management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas” – again, a significantly higher share than the national average of 67%.

Asked if they “feel well at work,” 88% of respondents at “Best Workplaces” companies said yes, compared to a national average of 70%. Such attitudes correlate with financial performance, with companies on the 2019 Best Workplaces list reporting 53% annual profit growth.

Tech companies face a number of challenges, including skills shortages, a competitive labor market, and, in the UK, the complex issue of Brexit. What do “Best Workplaces” companies do to achieve outstanding results?

In recruitment, leading companies identify certain employees as “culture carriers” based on their duration of service and commitment to the company’s culture and values. These people then participate in recruitment, helping select candidates who embody the company culture.

Leaders recognize that retaining top people is not only good for workforce productivity, it also helps them retain clients and customers. Accordingly, they prioritize happiness and work to develop a culture of open feedback. Some, including Nintex, survey employees frequently to understand how they feel about various aspects of the business.

To manage rapid growth, companies like Nintex make it a point to communicate change clearly, openly, and consultatively, giving employees opportunities to raise questions and challenges both privately and openly. Leaders reported holding company-wide social events to give all employees a chance to meet new people at all levels of the business. And they reviewed workplace practices and policies to make sure they aligned with the company’s culture and values.

Nintex’s mission

At all levels, Nintex leaders consistently communicate the company’s mission — to improve the way people work through process management and automation — and our three core tenets:

  1. Deliver on our commitments. We focus on a few key priorities and ensure we deliver with quality on time … every time.
  2. Don’t wait. If we see an issue, we fix it. If we see an opportunity to accelerate our success, we take it.
  3. Operate with respect and consideration. We will move fast and deliver… and, we will do it the right way.

One of the ways in which Nintex invests in its workforce is to ensure an optimal employee onboarding process. We use our own workflow automation technology to be confident that our careful process is executed consistently with each new person.

Everyone gets a welcome pack, including benefits information and required forms, a Nintex brand book, and some company-branded items such as a water bottle. Managers alert all the teams the new person will be working with, including a photo of the new person, details of his or her responsibilities, and an invitation to all to welcome the new person to the team.

We provide a half-day induction session to communicate company values, HR policies, and background on Nintex leaders. The office manager or hiring manager gives the new person a tour of the office and introduces him or her to everyone, not just their team. The new hire’s manager hosts a team lunch at a nearby restaurant, or, if remote, arranges for someone one site to take the new person to lunch. Team and department meetings are held within the first two weeks.

“It’s satisfying to know that our own software plays a role in helping us deliver on our commitment to being a Great Place to Work,”
– Florian Haarhaus, Nintex VP of Sales, EMEA

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