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Nintex Saudi Summit 2022: Driving digital transformation in Saudi Arabia

The Nintex Saudi Summit on June 20, 2022, was a great opportunity for Saudi businesses to discover more about implementing process excellence and automation.

At the event, guests saw real use cases and success stories, digested compelling thought leadership, and watched Nintex build end-to-end solutions using the full range of our process automation solutions.

If there was one key takeaway for our guests, it was Nintex’s commitment to growing business in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is our 3rd biggest market, with 80 clients already using our technology.

As the Nintex Saudi Summit came to a close, our promise to Saudi Arabia remained as strong as ever:

To help Saudi Arabia accelerate digital transformation by transforming the way organizations work through process intelligence and automation.”

Speakers at the Nintex Saudi Summit

The summit would have been nothing without the speakers who shared their insights:

  • Ayman El-Hattab, VP Emerging Markets, Nintex
  • Abdullah Aldarani, CoE DT & BI Consultant University of Jeddah
  • Amr Fouad, Presales Manager, Nintex
  • Loay Jaber, Regional Sales Manager, Saudi Arabia & Upper Gulf, Nintex
  • Andrey Arkhipov, Strategic Partner Manager, Nintex
  • Ashley Evans, Senior Solutions Engineer, Nintex
  • Gasser Abdullah, Regional Presales Manager, Link Dev
  • Mansour Fekry, VP, Interactive.sa
  • Khaled Abrass, CTO, SURE
  • Wael Almarafi, Business Automation Consultant, ADAA
  • Hasan Al-Omary, Technical Consultant, Taqaniyat

What happened at the Nintex Saudi Summit?

The summit was a busy day, full of many presentations that highlighted the versatility of the Nintex platform. While we don’t have space to mention everything, here are some of the highlights from the keynote speeches at the Nintex Saudi Summit:

“Automation Toolbox: What to Use and When?” by Amr Fouad and Loay Jaber

In this session, Amr Fouad discussed the four types of digital transformation, as well as the automation lifecycle, and key parts of the Nintex tool e.g. process mapping and discovery, data exchange, smart decisions, task automation, data analytics & reporting.

Loay Jaber jumped in during the second half to talk about the options to automating – build your own, buy ready-made, and low/no code – before rounding it off with the Nintex maturity model and its four stages (initiate, ramp, accelerate and scale).

“Transforming Business with Full-Cycle Robotic Process Automation” by Andrey Arkhipov

In this session, Andrey Arkhipov took guests on a guide of through RPA’s potential, breaking down the automation lifecycle in relation to RPA, as well as Nintex’s 5x faster RPA implementation and 352% ROI increase.

Towards the end, Andrey discussed how Nintex process discovery works, and how it compares to traditional process discovery; highlighting key differentiators and Nintex strengths.

“The Art of Possible with Nintex K2” by Ashley Evans

In this session, Ashley Evans displayed the full capabilities of Nintex K2, taking guests on an interactive journey in real-time. He also compared the tool against a basic app, comparing time saved and other benefits.

Three Nintex success stories you need to know

When we do an event like the Nintex Saudi Summit, we want to show how businesses can benefit process automation. Throughout the summit, we highlighted several use cases from Saudi Arabia.

Here are a few that will interest you:

  1. Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC)

“Bringing powerful solutions to market in less than half the time” is the perfect summary for this use case. Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector regulator’s antiquated toolset, technology and legacy systems couldn’t keep pace with the frequent regulatory changes they faced. CITC needed a modern automation tool that was flexible and agile, without draining resources.

Choosing our Automation On-Prem (Nintex K2 Five) tool as its new workflow engine, the CITC technical team have been able to develop solutions more swiftly and with fewer resources than ever before. This is due to the flexibility, functionality, and affordability of the product.

Since implementing the product, CITC has automated over 60 e-services, made over 8 advanced integrations, and reduced the time to market by 60%.

  1. Zamil Industrial

Zamil is a great example of the importance of investing in the right automation software. One of Saudi Arabia’s leading providers of construction materials, innovative design and engineering solutions, Zamil’s previous automation technology wasn’t offering the scalability or reliability required for rapid growth.

Switching to Automation On-Prem (Nintex K2 Five), Zamil has realized the immediate benefits over their old system, with employees now achieving more in less time, collaborating more effectively, and enabling smoother operations with the growing complexity of their customer demands.

Some of Zamil’s results include over 3K new users in 2 years, reducing time to roll out process apps by 80%, and 178K transactions requests in 2 years.

  1. Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS)

Nintex’s work with the SCFHS provides insight into how automation can accelerate healthcare processes. The SCFHS is responsible for supervising and evaluating training programs, as well as setting controls and standards for the practices of healthcare professionals. Post-COVID, they needed to automate their training services quickly to deal with the rapid changes brought about by the pandemic.

The SCFHS chose Automation On-Prem (Nintex K2 Five) as their solution for user-friendly modern forms. Their employees use these to submit ideas for automating processes. This has increased engagement and reinforced a culture of innovation.

Overall, the SCGHS saw over 1M training and accreditation requests in 2020, and over 30K submitted ideas for automation.

Nintex and Saudi Vision 2030

The Nintex Saudi Summit reinforced the importance that Saudi Vision 2030 plays in digital transformation across the Kingdom. Launching in 2016, this roadmap was drawn up by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, to harness the strengths, strategic position, and investment power of Saudi Arabia in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

“A Sustainable Saudi Vision” is at the heart of the plans. And Nintex is here to help. By aligning ourselves with Saudi Vision 2030, we can help Saudi Arabia accelerate digital transformation through automation, improve quality of life via advanced digital services, and achieve excellence in providing governmental services.

Our platform can unlock potential in many of the Kingdom’s sectors, streamlining processes that are key to implementing Vision Realization Programs (VRPs) like the Fiscal Sustainability Program, Health Sector Transformation Program, National Transformation Program, and more.

At the end of the day, “A Sustainable Saudi Vision” requires process automation to drive transformation.

Drive digital transformation with Nintex

Nintex is here to help businesses worldwide transform the way they work through process intelligence and automation. There’s so much to gain by automating processes that take too much time away from the projects that matter. Liberate teams from dull manual tasks and create a culture of innovation that will take your business forwards.

Our platform helps you map and discover suitable processes for automation. And it provides the full range of automation solutions. From workflows to process mapping, robotic process automation, digital forms and more, we’re ready to start your journey in process automation.



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