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Nintex RPA offers new flexible licensing options for personal bots

Many organizations have heard about all the great benefits that robotic process automation (RPA) can provide, but they still have not taken advantage of it.

RPA software bots have tremendous value for all of us as these bots can automate mundane and repetitive tasks that none of us like to do in our everyday jobs.

Wouldn’t you like time back in your work day to focus on more value-added, mission-critical and creative opportunities?

It is possible with RPA bots and even more flexible with Nintex RPA licensing options.

Understanding how RPA bots work and pricing models

RPA bots work faster and more effectively than people by eliminating errors and ensuring compliance requirements are met in dealing with highly manual and very repetitive tasks.

Bots can also be assigned login credentials to gain access to cloud or legacy applications, maintain audit trails, and change logs all without ever needing a break.

So why haven’t more organizations given RPA a try?

Large enterprises as well as SMB-sized organizations often want to start small and test out new technologies before adopting them broadly. Ideally, everyone benefits from seeing quick successes to gain confidence in technology.

Some larger organizations have groups that research and test new technologies while many rely on the line of business user who has a need and does their own research.

Either way, organizations generally want a less expensive, quick way to “dip their toe” in the water, rather than doing a cannonball in the deep end.

This means an organization may just need a few RPA multi or individual bots to try out for a limited number of users instead of a large-scale offering with all of the bells and whistles. You want to get an RPA bot working before you unleash an army of bots across the organization.

The challenge is that many RPA software vendors often require users to buy large numbers of expensive bots upfront, along with additional costs. This means set-up and install costs can be very expensive and tedious to get up and running. In this approach, it can be a very long time before your RPA bots are actually working for you.

These organizations should be comfortable with added expenditures for training and professional services, and also prepare for a long time horizon to fully realize the benefits from their RPA investment – likely years, not weeks or months.

A different approach: Meet Nintex RPA Standard edition with individual bots

At Nintex, we’re all about offering our customers choices and solutions that generate rapid results and ROI.

Best of all, a Nintex RPA Standard edition bot is just $85 per month (with a minimum purchase of 5 bots).

Nintex RPA Standard is a new way to buy RPA with individual bots assigned to specific users/machines (but cannot be shared with other employees). These individual bots help support individual productivity and ensure RPA projects launch quickly (generally within a department). The bots are powerful, leverage a drag-and-drop design functionality, and do not require code to start working for you. Individual bots are available for attended scenarios. Nintex RPA Standard is a fast and affordable way to begin the RPA journey for any size business.

For an organization that need advanced functionality – including multi-bot control and governance, cloud-to-ground capabilities, Workflow and Forms, SAP ERP integration, and more – there’s Nintex RPA Enterprise edition. You can see the different pricing options for our RPA licensing offerings online here.

No matter your need, we’re here to help you automate work.


Ready to learn more? If you’d like to quickly see how to put an RPA bot to work within your organization, simply request a demo today.


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