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Nintex ranks as one of the best workplaces in Australia in 2019

The Nintex team was delighted to be ranked as one of the top companies in the 2019 Best Places to Work Study, in the 100-999-employees category, an achievement that was announced at an awards ceremony in Sydney last night.

This is the 12th Annual Edition of the Best Places to Work benchmarking study in Australia, based on one of the world’s most comprehensive studies of workplace culture by Great Place to Work Australia.

The study involves a culture audit which covers a wide range of topics, designed to highlight what is special or unique about Nintex’s programs and practices, and how those benefit the lives of our employees.

The audit resulted in an impressive report, compiled by our local HR team in Melbourne, and highlighted Nintex’s commitment to its employees in the following ways:

  • We hire strategically so we have the right person for the right role at the right time.
  • We onboard new starters with a commitment to making a great first impression by implementing effective processes, supported by our own software.
  • We inspire a belief in employees that their work is more than just a job, underpinned by our three core tenets: deliver on commitments, don’t wait; and operate with respect and consideration.
  • We communicate information from senior management in a way that is honest and transparent.
  • We set up forums and communication channels that enable teams to ask questions and give feedback to executives.
  • We provide platforms for teams to make suggestions or contribute to decisions that affect them directly.
  • We thank employees and recognize their achievements through feedback, awards and incentives.
  • We care for the well-being of our teams by supporting the mental health and work-life balance of our people.
  • We lend support to employees during times of significant life events like illness, weddings, births and bereavement.
  • We organize celebrations to foster fun and camaraderie like family days, holiday parties and big breakfasts.
  • We ensure fair compensation and offer financial advice through a third party financial advisor.
  • We provide the opportunity to contribute to philanthropic, environmental or other corporate social responsibility initiatives, ranging from personal volunteering to fundraising activities to laptop donations.

Special thanks to our local HR team in Melbourne that works tirelessly to orchestrate all these initiatives while ensuring we employ and retain world-class talent, communicate openly with our teams, foster a culture of transparency and accountability, and encourage people to provide feedback.

As Nintex’s country-of-origin, we are extremely proud of the Australian team for securing recognition for the strong work environment they’re nurturing and for living our core tenets. We believe every person on the team plays a key role in creating a collaborative culture that encourages innovative thinking, great teamwork, and can-do attitudes all of which underpin our commitment to the success of our customers and partners, and transforming the way people work

Christian Lucarelli

Christian has nearly 15 years of IT experience and he has worked on some of the biggest enterprise implementations throughout his career. Since joining Nintex in 2015, he has helped many CIOs deliver platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, as a true service to the business, powering innovation, competitiveness, and connectivity. In his current role as Vice President of APAC Sales at Nintex, Christian works closely with customers in regulated verticals in the APAC region, including the public sector, financial services, mining and resources, and education sectors to help better define and deliver digital transformation initiatives.

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