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Nintex Q&A with Nintex VP of Product Vincent Cabral

With a career history based in Drawloop DocGen®, Vincent Cabral is celebrating a milestone 20 year anniversary in process automation and document generation. We’ve been lucky to work with the Nintex VP of Product for the last 5 years and stopped to reflect on his professional journey and innovation within the technology that transforms the way we work. We snuck in a few fun questions toward the end and learned some surprising things about our colleague.

1. What has your role progression looked like throughout your tenure in process automation – from where you started to where you are now?

I started with a company called Drawloop in 2000 that was acquired by Nintex 5 years ago. I believe my official role when I started was WebMaster. It was a small and scrappy company which meant I was provided the opportunity to have my hands in multiple roles – IT, Sales Ops, Support, Product Management, and Customer Success. I am now VP of Product and oversee the research and development of the DocGen® and RPA teams.

2. What is the most notable difference from early on in your career?

My hair – it is mostly grey now.

3. In your opinion, how has process automation and document generation evolved on the Nintex Process Platform?

It is so much easier and quicker to deploy infrastructure. When I started, we rented space and bandwidth from a hosting facility and we had to physically set up and manage infrastructure. It could take weeks to months. Today, we can log into the Azure portal and get something up and running in minutes.

4. Tell us about a highlight or professional achievement during your Nintex Career.

After years of toil, the acquisition of Drawloop DocGen® is one of the biggest highlights. What I personally see as my greatest achievement, is building products that truly help customers save time, money, and effort.

5. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had with a customer or partner?

Just meeting them in person. Most of my engagement with customers and partners was over virtual meetings. There were several occasions, after years of calls and working sessions that we finally got to meet person. It was like seeing an old friend you had not seen in years. It was so good.

6. What are you looking forward to personally or professionally in the next few years?

I have the benefit of knowing about most of the work that the R&D teams have and are working on. So much has been built or enhanced in the last year and there is so much more to come! I look forward most to seeing how our technology will impact our customers processes. I have been fortunate to see customers go from ideation to deployment. It is amazing to see customers and prospects realize the benefits of process automation on the Nintex Process Platform.

7. What is something your Nintex colleagues might not know about you?

I am completely deaf in my right ear.

8. Over that last few years, the Nintex offices have developed various traditions. One Wednesday a month some of the offices have a cart that features various treats hosted by rotating teams.

If you were to design the next HumpDay cart, what would be on it?

I was a kid in the 80’s – so it would have to be a Hostess cart. Twinkies and Cupcakes!

9. Tell us about a favorite experience with your team.

It was a ropes course. Each challenge had to be completed as a group and required excellent teamwork.

Click here to see the experience.

10. Do you have a favorite holiday?

Halloween. I like the cooler days, it is near my birthday, and I enjoy the excitement my kids have getting dressed up, knocking on neighbors’ doors, and asking for a treat.



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