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Nintex Q&A with Mario Stojanovski

We caught up with Mario Stojanovski, Director of Customer Support on the Nintex Customer Success team based in Melbourne, Australia. Mario and his team of 12 support engineers are spread across New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia.

We posed 15 questions to Mario – some professional and some informal – and shared his responses below.

  1. What is your role at Nintex?

I’m the Director of Customer Support based out of Melbourne. My team is supporting customers across the entire APAC region.

  1. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up at Nintex?

A colleague I worked with at a past company was working at Nintex and told me about the company. I looked up Nintex and was intrigued by the technology offering and the company’s reputation as being a great place to work. Eventually the right job came up and a few interviews later, I happily joined the team.

  1. What has been your favorite project of your career?

I would definitely say our “Tier Escalation” project here at Nintex. It has been three years in the making. The project was started by somebody else and eventually I was given the reigns. Now our Tier Escalation process is utilized by support teams across the globe.

In the Tier Escalation project, we made it easier for a support team member to escalate an issue to development while creating the documentation needed in Salesforce and Azure DevOps.

I still owe a few beverages to some people who helped me along the way!

  1. Where is home for you?

Melbourne is home for me. You will get four seasons in one day and when it rains, it pours. That’s Melbourne for you!

  1. What is the best part about where you live right now?

It’s quiet where I live. Although where I live is considered the city, I’m situated in a nice valley about 19 kilometers from Melbourne. I love seeing kangaroos crossing the street randomly.

  1. Favorite food?

Chicken Schnitzel. It’s almost always good. I wouldn’t make it, but even as a pub meal it goes down well.

  1. What would you choose as a superpower?

Super strength.

  1. Favorite movie or tv series and why?

Anything with Liam Neeson. I like his movies – even if they are predictable, they are always entertaining. Last one I watched was the Honest Thief about a bad guy trying to turn good.

  1. What would an alternative line of work be for you?

I would probably be a tradesman – maybe a carpenter or an electrician. We’re renovating our beach home and it would be nice to know how to do some of these things instead of paying someone else for it.

  1. Do you have any advice for a prospective Nintex employee?

Come and work for us! We’re a great place to work. We win a lot of awards for it. And we’re always hiring. There is a lot of opportunity to build and grow your career here.

  1. What is your favorite experience with a Nintex customer?

When we could travel, my favorite experience was always meeting customers in person. There’s something about that face-to-face connection that’s so impactful.

  1. Favorite spot to getaway?

Apart from our beach house, I’d say the Gold Coast in Queensland. It’s a nice place to getaway and the kids love it too.

  1. Do you have a favorite sport to play or to watch?

I like to play football/soccer. My daughter is on a football team and I enjoy watching her play.

  1. If you could have dinner with one person who and why?

I would love one last dinner with my dad, he passed away unexpectedly three years ago.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, hopefully I will be running a global support organization.



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