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Nintex Q&A with Jonathan Butler from the Product team

We had the pleasure of catching up with Nintex Product Manager Jonathan Butler who is rounding out his 5th year with Nintex. His career has evolved since joining in 2016; from customer support to customer success, to program management, and now product management.

Nintex Q&A posts are a great way to share what our people are passionate about. Though we met with Jonathan 2020 style—virtually—it’s easy to see what he’s passionate about and we’re excited to relay some of his thoughts below!

1. Is there anything you learned in school that you apply to your job today?

I studied Cultural Anthropology at Western Washington University (WWU) in Bellingham, Washington. One of my focuses was Cyborg Anthropology, which was the study of understanding how culture has been shaped by technology, and how people have adapted. Now, as a Product Manager, I’m applying this ideology daily: a human-first perspective when building new technology. I think, “How can I build technology that makes adoption instinctual? And how do humans and computers work together?”

I study how people work and interact and then get to apply it through work I enjoy doing every day.

I want to reduce the mental gymnastics people may go through when interacting with Nintex applications. This is something our product management team is working on every day. We’re always considering the customer experience—with the goal of making the customer interaction as smooth as possible.

2. What would you choose as a superpower and why?

Understanding and being able to speak all languages fluently. Why? Because with language, you need context and background of a word or phrase to truly understand it. I don’t know anyone with the spare time to learn every language in-depth, so it would be nice to know them all inherently.

3. What project are you most proud of at Nintex?

The first one that comes to mind is the Nintex customer onboarding process. With Nintex experiencing exponential growth, we needed a way to onboard customers effectively and at scale. At the time, I was managing the program for customer adoption and onboarding.

We built a solution with Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex DocGen® to customize welcome packages for customers, based on what parts of the Nintex platform they were starting with.

To complement the automated Nintex solution, we hired new Customer Adoption Managers around the globe who are dedicated to exactly that—adoption.

The results were incredible. We saw some of our new customers deploying their first workflows 7x faster than before.

4. What would you take to a desert island and why?

Can I say a plane? If so, some books, a hammock, and a mode of transportation. With a boat or plane, I can get back to civilization if I want to.

5. Three tips for dealing with overwhelm?

  • Write everything down. It’s much easier to understand everything you need to do when it’s written out for you.
  • Prioritize correctly. There’s a tendency to do things just to cross them off your list, but you might miss the thing causing you to feel overwhelmed, consequently prolonging that feeling.
  • Be okay with saying no. This one takes a long time to learn. Maybe start with “no, but” and then learn that sometimes saying “no” is the right thing for you to do.

6. Any book recommendations?

The Red Rising by Pierce Brown. It’s also a great series.

Red Rising follows a character named Darrow and takes a fun spin on the classic sci-fi hero cycle. I don’t want to spoil too much, but Pierce does an amazing job of making you care for the characters he develops, and the book touches on some relevant topics in a unique way.

7. Favorite movie of all time?

The original Star Wars trilogy. I can’t pick my favorite from those three films though!

8. How would you spend a day off work?

Some kind of outdoor activity, depending on the time of the year. I like backpacking, canoeing, and other activities that are better in the summer. It’s safe to say if I’m not outside, I’m either reading or working on side projects around the house.

Thanks for tuning in to this month’s Q&A with Nintex’s Jonathan Butler. Stay tuned to hear more from him in our product announcements, blog, and webinars in 2021.



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