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Nintex Q&A featuring Nintex Senior Strategic Partner Manager Jen Miller

We had the opportunity to meet with Nintex Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Jen Miller, on her perspective of the 2020 Nintex Partner Awards. Her passion and dedication to the Nintex Partner Network and our global community is compelling and inspiring.

1. Before you came to Nintex, you worked for a Nintex Partner. What drew you to Nintex? 

I worked on the Partner side for 10 years prior to coming to Nintex.  I saw how Nintex could quickly solve business problems for my clients and that made Nintex a simple answer for most.

I also saw how a large firm could leverage what the Nintex Process Platform has to offer in almost every area of consulting. When a past colleague, and current Nintex employee, suggested an opening at the exact time I was looking for a change – I decided it was fate!

2. What does your role encompass now?

I have the privilege in my current role to help our most strategic partners by sharing the value of Nintex with their customers, create solutions that improve people’s lives, and work with some of the smartest consultants in the world. I love to be creative and I get to do that every day.

Each partner’s business is different, their clients have varying needs and I get to help them with everything from events, campaigns, sales, delivery, and continued growth.

 3. The 2020 Nintex Partner Award winners were just announced. As a previous Nintex Partner, what do you hope this means throughout the Nintex Community?

I can say that as a partner, the Nintex Partner Awards mean a great deal.  While I was on the partner side, we won four Nintex Partner of the Year awards.  We were very excited each year as the time drew near to see if we made the nomination list (which was an honor) but then if we would ultimately be the category winner.

I hear my winning partners leading each new prospect conversation with “we are the x-times Nintex Partner of the Year Winner” or “we are the proud 2020 Nintex Partner of the Year Winner” – that always makes me smile to hear those words.

4. Several of the partners you work with were named 2020 Nintex Partner Award Winners. Can you share characteristics of their work, or what they did to stand out?

I know the excitement on the partner side, which is why I have so much fun as a Partner Manager when I get to help share the great news. Partners deserve the credit, and we have hundreds of partners, but only a select number of winners.

This year I had 6 nominees and 3 winners – all of which were very deserving.  These partners made the finalist list and the winners circle, because they include Nintex in their solutions throughout the business. Some of them have created solution starters that leverage the Nintex Process Platform because it’s the easiest to use and fastest to deliver great value. Partners on this list are sharing stories of success, hosting events around process and automation, writing blogs, developing podcasts, and assembling white papers to help deliver the Nintex message to their clients.

These are the partners that truly see the value in our core tenants – Deliver on Commitment, Don’t Wait, and Operate with Respect and Consideration.  These are partners that customers love to work with and value as respected consultants.

5. You have devoted your career in a variety of ways to the technology industry. Do you have any advice, specifically for Women in Technology?

Yes, simple – don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t when you know that you can.  I owned a business with two male business partners.  We often had a very different perspective on business, customer relationships, and direction.  I believe that the reason we were successful was because of those varying opinions.

One thing I always keep in mind (and it’s not easy when you are a natural introvert) – don’t be quiet in fear of having an opinion different from your peers. That’s most likely why you are sitting at the table!

6. You have a Nintex anniversary coming up. What has been your favorite experience thus far?

I’ll be celebrating my third anniversary at Nintex next month. When thinking about my favorite experience, I struggled, because there are so many.

This year I really miss our face to face Sales Kick Off, typically going on about right now. Those are some of my favorite memories – team bonding is good for the soul and at Nintex we have an AWESOME team.

Another favorite experience was at Nintex ProcessFest® last year. It was so fun to introduce partners to one another, sit down with partners and our executive team, hear all the client case studies and the amazing ways Nintex is helping change business across the globe. I was able to meet customers face to face that I’ve only talked to on the phone for 2-3 years.

7. What do you like to do in your time away from work?

Quarantine life with teenagers certainly brought back some of my favorite hobbies that we hadn’t had time for with busy schedules. We live just off the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia and enjoy hiking as a family – there are some amazing trails and views that we explored. We have also enjoyed kayaking the beach of North Carolina and boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

I also became recommitted to my Peloton bike and I’ve completed 4,625 minutes in the first half of the year!


Congratulations to the 2020 Nintex Partner Award Winners on their outstanding achievements, dedication to the Nintex Community, and their commitment to helping transform the way people work. Learn more about becoming part of our dedicated Partner Network.



Annie McIntosh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Annie McIntosh spends her time creating content and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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