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Nintex Q&A employee spotlight with Lyn Hall

For this Q&A blog article, we hear from Lyn Hall, an IT Security and Compliance Manager at Nintex Lyn represents the Nintex team from Maine, USA.

We asked Lyn 40 questions and shared her responses below.

  1. What is your role at Nintex?

I’m a security and compliance manager on the security team.

  1. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up at Nintex?

I joined the team when Nintex acquired AssureSign in June of 2021, and moved into the security team shortly after the acquisition.

  1. What has been your favorite moment at Nintex so far?

Everyone at Nintex is wonderful to work with and have all made the transition smooth and easy.

  1. What does an ideal day-off of work look like for you?

Lately, it’s mostly homework during my time off. I am on my last semester of a Master’s program in Cybersecurity. When I am not doing homework, I am spending time with my husband and two girls.

  1. Where is home for you?

On the Coast of Maine in Waldoboro, about 60 miles north of Portland.

  1. What is the best part about where you live right now?

The weather is very unpredictable. An old Maine saying is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute – it will change.”

  1. What’s the best advice you could give to a Nintex customer?

The people at Nintex all have a great work ethic and values. Nintex takes good care of their own, including their customers.

  1. What is your favorite food?

Apples with peanut butter

  1. If you could go to university tomorrow, what would you like to study?

I am studying cybersecurity at the moment and that is my passion.

  1. What were you looking forward to most about Nintex ProcessFest 2022?

The growth of Nintex from all aspects.

  1. If you had a crystal ball, what do you predict the automation market will look like in 5 years?

I would hope it is more well-known – it is such a wonderful concept that I think is very underrated.

  1. What has been your favorite project of your career?

Anything to do with business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response planning and preparations.

  1. Would you rather cook dinner or have dinner cooked for you?

I love to cook, so I think I’d rather cook with the help of my girls.

  1. What was your first job ever?

I was an ice cream shop attendant.

  1. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

‘What’s Up?’ by the 4 Non Blondes

  1. What is the most adventurous (non-business related) thing you’ve done?

Going to Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamsburg, VA and then Disney World all in the same summer with my sister and her family.

  1. Would you rather have a cat or a dog as a pet?

I’m a dog person; I currently have two Siberian Huskies, a five-year-old female named Eclipse, and a one-year-old male named Storm – together they are like a hurricane and tornado.

  1. Would you rather live on the beach or in a cabin in the woods?

I love living in the woods with the wildlife I have around – deer, bear, coyotes, foxes, turkeys, etc.

  1. What would you choose as a superpower and why?

I would like to be a genius with lots of money – like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. They found a way to make the world a better place by inventing the tools needed to enforce order.

  1. What is the best part about where you work?

Communication – I love the fact that Nintex supports transparency. Everyone here ensures we have what we need and know what’s going on and that makes a huge difference.

  1. What is your favorite book?

Any book by Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh, and Karen Rose.

  1. What’s your coolest experience with an animal?

Every day is a cool experience with my two hams – they have such personalities. I’d have to say the coolest experience is when my two huskies saw snow for the first time – they came from Tennessee and had never experienced a winter, so it was priceless!

  1. Would you rather have a million dollars in pennies or a million dollars’ worth of ice cream?

Definitely pennies so I could pay off my house. 😊

  1. Do you like working from home or would you rather be in the office?

I prefer working from home. I feel I get more done and there is less distraction here. Plus, I get to eat lunch with my family.

  1. What do you like most about your job?

It’s never monotonous. Information security changes all the time and is very busy. I love the challenge – it stimulates the mind.

  1. What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m up at 7am. First thing is a shower and coffee, and then begin work by 8 AM. At lunchtime run to the post office or errands. Then back to work until 5 or 5:30-ish. Finish the day with dinner for the family – homework, spend time with the family and cross stitching or oil painting, then bedtime.

  1. Do you have any favorite jokes (suitable for a public-facing website)

I’m a little backwards, my nose runs and my feet smell. 😊

  1. What would you like to tell your 20-year-old self?

Get into computers for a profession so you can do what you love and not what others want you to do.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Still working, most likely at Nintex leading a successful team in charge of business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response

  1. What are three things you’d take to a deserted island?

Coffee, matches, and a pot to cook with.

  1. What are tips for dealing with overwhelm?

Find something you love to do and escape to that. I like to put my earbuds in, turn on the music and paint.

  1. What would you like to be famous for?

Leading a successful continuity and incident response team.

  1. What kind of music do you gravitate to?

Depends on my mood, but I’m a metal head and generally lean towards 80s metal or today’s alternative metal.

  1. Last concert you went to and next concert you’d like to see

The last concert I attended was Tim McGraw (I won tickets… it’s a long story). I’d love to see Breaking Benjamin or Rival Sons next.



That’s all for this Q&A with Lyn Hall. You could join Lyn and the rest of the Nintex team by visiting our careers page.



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