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Nintex Q&A employee spotlight with Jordan Clarke

We are joined by Jordan Clarke for this employee Q&A catch-up. Jordan is an account executive here at Nintex. He is currently moving with his family of five to Arizona and looking forward to more sunshine with the change. 

We use our Q&A blog series to find a bit more about what life at Nintex is like.  For Jordan, life at Nintex is all about the positive and supportive work culture that has been there since his first day, that lets him focus on helping his customers transform and automate their work.  

1. What is your role at Nintex?

I am an account executive, and my job is to work with our prospective customers to envision a better way to work with the help of Nintex. 

2. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up at Nintex?

A friend of mine was working at Nintex and asked me to come join him. Eventually, I made the jump and I am glad that I did. 

3. How long have you been with Nintex?

I have been with Nintex since September of 2019. 

4. What has been your favorite moment at Nintex so far?

The thing that sticks out to me was actually my first day at Nintex. I was working on some first-day new-hire checklist items and saw our CEO in the office lobby. I walked up and introduced myself, and mentioned how excited I was to be at Nintex. He welcomed me to the team, told me his name, and that he had been there for six years, never mentioning that he was the CEO. That humility is what has stuck with me, and the culture here reflects it from the top leadership all the way through the company.   

5. What does an ideal day off work look like for you?

I have three kids and a wife who I love to spend time with, so an ideal day off would be coaching my four- and six-year-old’s flag football game, lunch or dinner out with my family, maybe followed by a round of golf or trip to the driving range with my brothers. 

6. Where is home for you?

Home up to this point has always been somewhere in Washington state. I was born and raised in Bellingham, went to college in Spokane, and as of writing this, still live in Renton. My wife and I just sold our home and are moving down to Arizona in July (waiting until the heat of Summer), so that will be our new home soon. 

7. What is your favorite activity?

I love to golf, though my game is still a bit of a work-in-progress. 

8. What’s the best advice you could give to a Nintex customer?

Take a step back and make sure that you are approaching automation the right way. Do you really understand the process that you want to automate? Do you have a single source of truth for processes in your organization? There’s always a lot of focus and excitement around automation, for good reason, but it’s the foundational steps before automating that will lead to a successful transformation down the road. 

9. What is your favorite food?

This is a tough one. Right now, probably Pho. 

10. What was your first job ever?

I worked for a company that made school agendas (planners), when that used to be a thing. I worked long hours in the Summer in a warehouse/sauna, but it taught me hard work and helped pay for expenses throughout college, so I am grateful for the experience. 

11. Do you like working from home or would you rather be in the office, or a combination?

I have adjusted to working from home most of the time, and I love being able to log off and go throw the football with my son without having to commute. With that said, I did get to spend a few days with my team in Orlando recently, and there is a lot of value that comes from being together in person. So ideally, a combination of working from home with intentional team events throughout the year would suffice for me. 

12. What do you like most about your job?

The people I work with and the conversations I get to have every day. Every customer’s situation and need is a little different, which makes the job interesting and presents a new challenge each day. 

13. You find a suitcase of money on your hike through the wilderness, what do you do?

My wife says I am very black and white when it comes to honesty, so I would probably try to track down the owner and return the money. 

14. How do you define a good work-life balance?

Having success in your career but not at the expense of your family. Being able to be there for the moments that matter to your kids and looking back someday, proud of the impact that you made both at work and at home because that is what will define the legacy that you leave.   

15. Do you have any advice for a prospective Nintex employee?

This is a great place to work. There are a lot of places that say they have a good culture, but you can feel it here. People are invested in your success, and I have felt that since my first week here. My advice would be to learn from those who came before you. People are willing to help you be successful if you ask.  

16. What is your favorite experience with a Nintex customer?

The moment that a prospective (now current) customer told me, “There is no question that we have this problem.” This was when I realized that the message I had been sharing around the importance of managing and understanding business processes was resonating and bringing to light an issue that is a pain point for employees. 

17. What is your favorite line from a movie?

“Big gulps huh…alright…welp, see ya later!” 

18. What is the best vacation you’ve taken and why?

I went to Thailand for a study-abroad trip in college that was basically a month-long vacation. We spent time in Bangkok, Chaing-Mai and at Railay Beach in the south. That beach is still the coolest place I have ever been and I’m hopeful I can make it back there someday. 

19. What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to more consistent sunshine in the near future.  



That’s all for this Q&A with Jordan. Find out more about what it’s like working at Nintex and take a look at our current opportunities by clicking here.



Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty Taylor is part of the corporate marketing and communications team at Nintex. She spends her time creating content that demonstrates the power of Nintex. Her primary focus is working with customers across Asia-Pacific helping to showcase their success stories.

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