Nintex Q&A employee spotlight with Erika Thayer

We had a chance to connect with Erika Thayer for this Q&A article. The Q&A blog series is designed to highlight the great people who work at Nintex and all of the cool stuff they do – in and outside of the office.

Erika leads a team of five people as they focus primarily on Nintex acquiring new enterprise customers. We asked Erika 17 questions and shared her responses below.

  1. What is your role at Nintex?

I am the director of regional sales for North America and LATAM

  1. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up at Nintex?

I started here in December of 2020. A woman who worked for me years ago was one of our LinkedIn reps here. I researched Nintex, connected with a few people on the team, and decided I wanted to join.

  1. What has been your favorite moment at Nintex so far?

Witnessing someone on my team help a new enterprise customer understand, automate and optimize their business processes with the Nintex Process Platform. Watching that hard work pay off is very rewarding for all of us.

  1. What does an ideal day-off of work look like for you?

I would hang out with my family here on our farm. I love going to brunch, reading, and listening to podcasts.

  1. Where is home for you?

Yelm, WA is home but my roots are in Chicago.

  1. What is the best part about where you live right now?

A beautiful view of Mount Rainier.

  1. What’s the best advice you could give to a Nintex customer?

There are so many resources available to you. Especially on YouTube, or Nintex University and Nintex Community.

  1. What is your favorite food?

Chocolate cake. Out here it’s Costco’s chocolate cake, to be specific. Back home in Chicago, there’s a place called Portillo’s that has a great chocolate cake shake. It’s worthy of a special trip when you’re in the city.

  1. If you could go to university tomorrow, what would you like to study?

I’m finishing up my MBA now, then I’m done with school forever.

  1. What are you looking forward to about Nintex ProcessFest® 2022?

I’m looking forward to networking with customers and prospects.

  1. What has been your favorite project of your career?

Building teams.

  1. Would you rather cook dinner or have dinner cooked for you?

I would prefer to have dinner cooked for me.

  1. What was your first job ever?

My first job was at the age of 14, detailing cars for $7 a car.

  1. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

I think I’ve done karaoke once, and it was either a Guns N’ Roses or a Salt N’ Pepa song.

  1. Would you rather have a cat or a dog as a pet?

Both! We have one dog who is a Great Pyrenees. We also have quite a few barn cats.

  1. What would you choose as a superpower and why?

To get somewhere faster and get a bird’s eye view. Years ago I went sky diving which is the closest I’ve been to flying, I suppose.

  1. What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is called The Stranger by Albert Camus. With a packed schedule these days, the rest of my reading is done via audiobooks.



That’s all for this Q&A article with Erika Thayer. You could join Erika and the rest of the Nintex team by visiting our careers page.



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As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Samantha Pugh spends her time creating content, organizing digital events, and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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