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Nintex Promapp® enables automation – The “P” in RPA stands for Process

Robotic process automation or RPA is a growing focus in business, but too often organizations forget that the ‘P’ in RPA stands for process.

RPA needs to be recognized as part of a greater focus on efficiency and continuous improvement. Nintex Promapp® helps create the necessary foundation for process automation by helping teams build great processes, and making it easy to integrate RPA into a broader continuous improvement program.

Clear processes and engaged teams make a big difference to process management. They are also an essential foundation for any automation initiative.

Nintex Promapp® provides a collaborative platform for continual process improvement so organizations have sound processes when they want to look at automation. The feedback tool enables teams that use the process every day to provide insight and drive innovation, identifying opportunities for efficiency and improvement. Real time notifications ensure stakeholders can respond promptly and make changes on the spot, which in turn encourages greater engagement.

When a team sees that their contribution is valued, they’re more inclined to engage in the improvement conversation – and that includes the identification of automation opportunities.

Supporting team engagement with automation

One of the common fears some teams experience is the risk of being replaced by bots and automated workers. However, automation should not be about just stripping back the workforce.

In a study on RPA effectiveness, the Gartner group reports that process automation will have limited impact on top-line growth for 50% of organizations that will erroneously focus on labor reduction, not on improving business outcomes.”

Involving teams in the process improvement cycle helps them understand that automation can reduce monotony and give them more capacity for complex tasks that can’t easily be assigned to a bot.

Nintex Promapp® supports this approach to RPA by providing an end-to-end perspective on processes. Process experts can use Nintex Promapp® to identify potential handoff points and clarify responsibilities across the wider process, ensuring you can capitalize on the efficiency bots offer.

End-to-end visibility

Clarity is important. Because process automation is best suited to ‘swivel chair’ functions, there still needs to be visibility around where those systems interface with human agents. Nintex Promapp® tags automated systems or bots and can assign them responsibility for specific process activities, so even a quick glance at the process map will show where people pick up or hand over automated deliverables:

Nintex Promapp® process automation

Recording timeframe data in Nintex Promapp highlights the efficiencies achieved. These can be measured down to the millisecond to accurately reflect both the human and digital workflow. Tags highlight where systems are active and can show at a glance the timeframe or cost contributions they make:

Nintex Promapp® process automation

Keep improvement and innovation central

Once an automation program has been implemented, the entire end-to-end process needs monitoring and managing. Organizations need to ensure they have a plan in place to manage ongoing process changes and updates and are able to identify further improvement opportunities for process owners and experts to put into practice.

A culture of continual improvement and Nintex Promapp’s easy editing and process approval functionality allows for rapid and agile adjustments that can lead to greater efficiency and innovation. Clear reporting like the process time/cost savings report helps highlight where the systems and human agents are being most effective, and provide the data required to support the ongoing continuous improvement program.

The ‘P’ in RPA stands for process

The Harvard Business Review reported that “the companies we have seen achieve the greatest success in deploying RPA are those who combine it with the disciplines of process redesign and continuous improvement.”

A solid BPM foundation is essential to successful automation.



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