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Nintex Partner Awards: Tips for Crafting Your Process Intelligence Nomination

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent blog posts written by Alistair Cloke, you’ll know that the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards are open for nominations from partners in four categories until May 26th.

Every year we proudly honor Nintex Partners for their performance and their innovative process automation solutions. More than half of the award nominations develop into success stories that highlight the real value and possibilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform.

This year we added process intelligence as a solution innovation category to celebrate solutions our partners have developed with Nintex Hawkeye.

In lieu of examples from the 2016 Nintex Partner Awards, I’ve recommended two points that your process intelligence nomination should address, and other questions it should answer.

Success Factors

Nintex Hawkeye aims to empower partners to provide their customers with the visibility and insight needed to make better, more data driven decisions, about key business processes they execute every day. Specifically, processes they have automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform, so this intelligence can be used to make the business more successful.

Automating a process might not be about speeding it up – it might be about making it more efficient, less-error prone, or shifting manual work to higher-value tasks.

Depending on the customer and process, success can vary. How do you define it for this process, and how did you use Nintex Hawkeye’s Process Intelligence Lens to achieve and measure success? What challenges did you identify in your customer’s business processes? How did you resolve them and how did you measure that success?

Nintex Hawkeye’s Usage Lens surfaces insight on overall Nintex Workflow usage. This can tell you how many workflows are published, the numbers and types of users, average task duration and overall return on investment. How was this information used to cultivate greater interest in automating processes?

Insights Discovered

What process insights did you uncover with Nintex Hawkeye? Were efficiencies or opportunities for process improvement realized? Were the answers the customer was looking for addressed? Does the intelligence show a value gained from automating processes?

Intelligence from Nintex Hawkeye is often used to validate the investment in process automation and support further expansion. This knowledge can quickly provide insight into the benefits of automating other processes in an organization.

Or did Nintex Hawkeye help identify a bottleneck in the automated process? Depending on the processes, workflows, actions, approvals, etc. involved there might be a function that needs to be changed or handled separately from the workflow. Successful workflows should help move work forward, but first you need the intelligence into what is happening.

Questions Your Nomination Should Answer

  • What process and business function does it support?
  • How many workflows were included in the process?
  • What third-party systems did the process include?
  • What challenges in the process were identified and how did they affect business performance?
  • What were the key measurements of success and how did you evaluate?
  • How has process intelligence driven better decision making around this business process?
  • What’s next?

Submit Now for the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards

Nominations are open until Friday, May 26. We’ll announce finalists in late June and winners on July 10th. There’s still time if you submit now!

We’ll also celebrate our winning partners with a special event during this year’s Microsoft Inspire Conference in D.C., where Nintex is a sponsor.

Samantha Pugh

Samantha Pugh joined Nintex in 2015 and currently serves as a Partner Communications Specialist, working with more than 1,700 Nintex Partners around the world. Follow her on Twitter @SamanthaNintex