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Nintex Partner Awards: Highlighting the 2016 Mobile Innovation Winners

Earlier this month we opened 2017 Nintex Partner Awards for nominations from partners in 4 categories:

  • Process automation
  • Mobile
  • Document generation
  • Process intelligence

Every year, we honor Nintex Partners for their performance and the innovative workflow and content automation solutions they create for our customers. More than half of the award nominations develop into published success stories that highlight the real value and possibilities of the Nintex Workflow platform.

To inspire our Nintex partners as they gather and submit their nominations, we’ll be highlighting the winning Mobile Innovation nominations from the 2016 Nintex Partner Awards.

The Mobile Innovation category celebrates Nintex Partners for their impactful use of Nintex technology for mobile applications, whether they be in the field or wherever business takes place.

Indiana-Based Nintex Partner, Aptera, Adds Accessibility to Safety Reports for Chemical Manufacturer

When a global chemical manufacturer needed a streamlined and efficient process for safety reporting management, they sought help from technology services provider Aptera.

Due to the safety concerns of their business, the customer did regular safety reviews, but had scattered data that provided poor reporting. The goal of this reporting solution is to identify safety concerns, or near misses so that safety issues can be actively addressed before causing any harm.

Aptera worked with the customer to map out the business scenario including all of the actions and stakeholders involved – which was translated into a Nintex solution.

The custom solution consisted of an intuitive, multi-lingual, mobile form using Nintex Mobile to quickly flag incidents from any location. Once a form is submitted, a workflow is initiated to escalate action to the appropriate people depending on severity. Once addressed, the corrective action is reported using a Nintex form.

A separate workflow is used to track the task for completion and to also document historical incidents for safety monitoring by connecting to a Power BI dashboard.

Since the delivery and implementation of this solution, there has been a growing trend in the number of safety concerns reported, which leads to a decrease in severe safety risks across the manufacturing organization.

Total eBiz Solutions Drives Collaboration to Expand Business Development in APAC

Singapore based IT solutions provider, Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS), developed a workflow solution for Merx, a global consulting firm, to streamline and improve their project management capabilities. Before TeBS and Nintex, collaboration across projects was restricted to manual asset management and a decentralized document repository.

Merx needed a solution to improve overall collaboration and create transparent project monitoring. Merx had already adopted Office 365 and realized SharePoint Online could be leveraged for better project management that’s accessible wherever business takes place.

TeBS worked with Merx to develop and deliver a project monitoring and tracking system (PMT system) that addressed the efficiency challenges. The PMT system was built with SharePoint Online and Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Mobile to automate processes and manage projects.

Merx staff and stakeholders can keep work flowing anytime, anywhere.

The solution is easy-to-use and scalable.

Staff, customers and stakeholders can manage expanding projects, monitor activities and deliveries, track schedules and project milestones, and more. The solution resulted in significant ROI for Merx – 80% reduction of time spent on paperwork and project set-up time reduced by 67%. The time to complete a request process went from three months to four days.

Want to learn more? Read the case study.

ProActive in Denmark Mobilizes Documentation Processes

MT Højgaard subsidiary Lindpro, handles core electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems for industrial and commercial use for Denmark.

The customer needed a better process for gathering and submitting field documentation from job sites. They’d been using Lotus Notes and brought on Nintex partner ProActive to migrate them to a hybrid-cloud environment, beginning with Office 365.

They decided to implement the Nintex Workflow Platform to add value to their current technical investments to automate documentation processes.

Traditionally, employees would travel to job sites gathering required information and then submit manually using their computer back at the office. The solution with Office 365 using Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile – makes it possible for employees to compile information and submit forms from the field on a mobile device.

The new approach has decreased errors and duplication by eliminating paper forms, while also ensuring that documentation is archived properly. It requires less time spent on administration, while being a more fool-proof process, so employees have more time to spend with customers.

Want to learn more? Read the case study.

Nominations Open for the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards

I encourage all of our Nintex Partners to submit their success stories in Partner Central for this year’s Nintex Partner Awards. The Solution Innovation categories include process automation, mobile, document generation and process intelligence.

It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize business success for our customers and partners. Nominations are open until Friday, May 26. We’ll announce finalists in late June and winners on July 10th.

We’ll also celebrate our winning partners with a special event during this year’s Microsoft Inspire Conference in Washington D.C., where Nintex is a Titanium sponsor.

Alistair Cloke

Nintex VP of Customer Success Programs Alistair Cloke has over 25 years' experience working with partners around the world. Originally from Australia but now based in the US, he is constantly looking at ways to help customers and partners get greater value from the Nintex Platform. Outside of work, he has a love of wine, motorsport, and travel. Follow him on Twitter @acloke

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