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Nintex Partner Awards: Highlighting the 2016 Document Generation Breakthrough Winners

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know that the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards are open for nominations from partners in four categories until May 26th.

Every year we proudly honor Nintex Partners for their performance and their innovative process automation solutions. More than half of the award nominations develop into success stories that highlight the real value and possibilities of the Nintex Workflow platform.

Now let’s take a moment to look back at the three winning Document Generation Breakthrough nominations from the 2016 Nintex Partner Awards. The Document Generation Breakthrough category celebrates Nintex Partners for their success delivering content-centric workflows with Nintex Document Generation capabilities.

Americas: Marquam Group Develops Seamless Process for Generating Legal Documents

A fast-growing IT start-up’s legal department faced bottlenecks when managing employee documentation.

As the company added new employees and business, additional paperwork was generate for each new hire. HR and legal departments at the start-up firm were manually managing stock options grants and non-disclosure agreements.

To scale and keep up with business expansion posed a challenge for the legal department. Nintex partner, Marquam Group, built a workflow solution choosing Nintex for Office 365 to leverage the cloud-based document generation capabilities.

With the Nintex Document Generation solution, the manual creation of stock option grants for all new employees was eliminated.

Now the legal department simply uploads a spreadsheet with new employee information from HR and the document generation action creates the formatted agreement. The solution also connects the documentation to a workflow that routes to DocuSign for employee sign-off. A process that once required a week and multiple resources, can be done by one employee in a single day, including gathering signatures.

The solution results in a savings of $80 per document and $16,000 each year. The same solution is also used to generate NDAs and other documents for sales, saving an additional $5,000 per year.

Japan Business Systems Streamlines Document Generation and Storage Process in APAC

Nintex Partner, Japan Business Systems (JBS), needed a better process for managing several slow processes; approvals, incident reports, and inter-department work requests.

The company’s existing manual process included using a combination of paper forms and email, making requests hard to track, difficult to store, and prone to error. This resulted in a slow process that risked missing requests, lengthy approval processes, and sometimes inaccurate information being passed on.

JBS implemented a Nintex solution utilizing workflow and forms with document generation to automate a total of 70 process in one organization.

Many of these processes also included a workflow for review and approval. The switch to a digital approach for these processes shortens the approval cycle – before approvals took an average of three days, now they are complete in one day.

The incident report processes are streamlined to alert relevant parties and it’s possible to track progress in real-time, review incident history, and manage inquiries.

The improved processes have contributed to significant business growth at JBS.

Modern Work GmbH Uses Document Generation to Digitally Transforms its Trainee Documentation Procedures

This is another example of how a Nintex partner used Nintex document generation capabilities internally to improve the way people work. Modern Work GmbH, a Nintex partner in Germany, has trainees who are required to write a report each day to report their daily accomplishments.

The trainees have to include what activities they completed and provide times, and at the end of each week they send a final report to their managers who verify that everything is accurate and send back any feedback. If approved the manager notifies the trainee who then prints and files the report away. If changes are required, the trainee will need to make updates until the manager gives approval.

Prior to Nintex, reports risked disappearing in the transition from trainee to manager.

Using Nintex for Office 365 with document generation, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile, trainees complete their reports through a form which compiles all the required information.

From there, the manager review process is automated – if approved it generates the report and stores it, if there are changes it’s routed back to the trainee. When the whole process is complete the trainee receives an email notification.

Creating and implementing the solution took Modern Work GmbH’s trainee under 35 hours, and is now used by five trainees and five managers, freeing up valuable time for trainees and managers to focus on their work.


Alistair Cloke

Nintex VP of Customer Success Programs Alistair Cloke has over 25 years' experience working with partners around the world. Originally from Australia but now based in the US, he is constantly looking at ways to help customers and partners get greater value from the Nintex Platform. Outside of work, he has a love of wine, motorsport, and travel. Follow him on Twitter @acloke

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