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Nintex Partner Awards: 2016 Solution Innovation Winners

Last week we announced the opening of nominations for our 2017 Nintex Partner Awards.

Each year we honor Nintex Partners for their performance and the innovative Nintex solutions they create for our customers. More than half of the award nominations are turned into new case studies and use cases that help our partners and customers understand the value and possibilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform.

The 2016 Nintex Partner Awards included three solution categories: solution innovation, document generation breakthrough and mobile innovation.

To kick-off the 2017 Nintex Partner Award Nomination, over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting the 2016 Nintex Partner Award solution category winners starting with the solution innovation winners. The Solution Innovation category from last year’s awards celebrates Nintex Partners for their ingenuity, technical sophistication and business impact with the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Protiviti Makes Governance, Risk and Compliance Easy

Global consulting firm Protiviti used Nintex to develop a solution to address Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes for a customer in the insurance and claims management industry.

Protiviti developed a solution using Nintex Workflow with Microsoft SharePoint that addresses all of the customer’s GRC demands including vendor management, internal audit, and anti-fraud and corruption, while also being easy to use, cost-effective and agile.

With this solution, business units are able to move forward independently of IT – creating and updating their own workflows, to their needs without waiting for the help of outside resources. Thanks to the flexibility of the solution they can expand as needed and modify with their own tolerances, independently.

This solution not only changed the way that this customer looked at GRC, but also created the framework for how Nintex can be used to digitally transform how other customers address their GRC processes.

Ebiz Cipta Solusi Simplifies Bogged-Down Banking Process

Ebiz Cipta Solusi, based in Indonesia, built a Nintex solution to address bottlenecks in a large Indonesian bank’s money transfer process.

Their customer needed to streamline the process of transferring money from one bank to other, including the foreign exchange process. The bank used a manual process involving multiple employees and departments that restricted efficiency with only around 300 transactions each day.

Ebiz Cipta Solusi developed a solution using Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 and a custom Nintex Form.

Now when a new transfer needs to be initiated an employee fills out the form including attaching any corresponding documents. Once submitted, a workflow is automatically triggered to send the information to the next “approver.” The solution also makes it possible to audit the process by reviewing the workflow history.

The use of Nintex has made the process significantly more effective – the number of transactions in a day has grown from 300 to 2000. In less than a year, efficiency improved by nearly 700%.

Technology Services Group Uses one Technology for Multiple Processes

Leading IT solutions and services company, Technology Services Group (TSG), used Nintex to streamline the intranet and internal processes of a multi-utility service provider. Their customer required a secure and easy-to-use expense system, time-off request system, and purchase order authorization system within their SharePoint Online Intranet.

Prior to working with TSG, they were using an excel-based process that was prone to human-error and not scalable with growth.

Using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for Office 365, TSG developed a user-friendly experience that interacted seamlessly with the customer’s existing SharePoint intranet environment.

The solution TSG built is responsive, easy-to-use and address all the requirements of the different processes. It even opens up the possibility for mobile deployment in the future.

An added bonus? Rather than using multiple technologies for each process that would require training, the Nintex Workflow solution addresses all of their processes with one technology.

Nominations Are Open for the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards

I encourage all of our Nintex Partners to submit their success stories to the 2017 Nintex Partner Awards for the four solution innovation categories: process automation, mobile, document generation and process intelligence.

It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and promote your success, and it also helps us grow our content and resources. More than half of the award nominations are turned into new case studies and use cases that help our partners and customers understand the value and possibilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform.


Nominations for the 6th Annual Nintex Partner Awards are open until Friday, May 26. We’ll announce finalists in late June, and announce the winners on July 10th. We’re planning to also celebrate our winning partners with a special event during this year’s Microsoft Inspire Conference.


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Alistair Cloke

Nintex VP of Customer Success Programs Alistair Cloke has over 25 years' experience working with partners around the world. Originally from Australia but now based in the US, he is constantly looking at ways to help customers and partners get greater value from the Nintex Platform. Outside of work, he has a love of wine, motorsport, and travel. Follow him on Twitter @acloke

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