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Nintex for Office 365 is Receiving Several Major Enhancements

As we announced at Nintex InspireX last month, we’ve been investing strongly in Nintex for Office 365 and are providing several new pieces of functionality to deliver more value to our customers over the coming months.

One of the most significant enhancements is a major update to the document generation capabilities we first released in 2016, based on the feedback we’ve received.

Document Generation

The “Doc Gen” update provides support for several new features.

First, it allows the simultaneous use of multiple document templates, and gives the user options on how template components and content will be merged or included. It allows the user to output multiple documents at once, or just one. It supports the use of images; users can place an image URL into their document template, and the image itself will be inserted when the document is generated. We have added new types of table replications. And we’ve made it much easier to use by allowing designers to configure everything in a single action. What’s more, we’ve also updated the tagger add-in to make it much simpler to tag your document templates.

Customers can try out the new document generation capability at no cost because we’re giving every tenant a one-time trial allowance of 50 free document generations.

We include generous document generation allowances in our workflow subscription licenses. For our perpetual-license and user-based subscription customers, document generation allowances are available for additional purchase. In use, the customer’s document generation allowance is decremented each time a document is generated. Each document generation event is treated as a single use, regardless of the number of documents being created, merged, or converted.

The update to Doc Gen will start rolling out in April 2017.

Responsive Forms 

Another major enhancement coming to Nintex for Office 365 is the addition of “responsive forms” capability (which several other Nintex offerings are receiving as well).

Responsive forms allow the designer to create a single form that automatically renders on every targeted device, from desktop/laptop to tablet or smartphone, without the need to create separate layouts for each device. You can learn more about our new responsive forms capabilities in Euan Gamble’s post here.

We have also developed a new “Save and Continue” capability that will be available in both Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Forms for SharePoint. “Save and Continue” is a new capability that allows the user to save data in a form without performing the final submission.

Managed Metadata

Customers of Nintex Forms for Office 365 will also soon have a new native control for the Managed Metadata capability in Microsoft’s SharePoint Online offering. This new control allows the user to select from pre-defined metadata term sets directly in their form.

Once deployed, Nintex Analytics allows you to use your workflow designer toolbox to place “beacons” in your workflows to mark start and end points. Information from these beacons shows you how often a workflow is being run and how it is performing.

We are steadily enhancing the functionality in Nintex Analytics and will keep you informed as new features become available. Nintex Analytics support for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud will start rolling out in March 2017 and be available to existing Nintex Analytics customers free of charge.


Alex Burton

Alex Burton is VP of Product at Nintex. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years holding various roles spanning professional services, project management and product management. Alex has extensive experience in the Microsoft stack, specifically around SharePoint, Project Server, Dynamics CRM and Azure. Follow him on Twitter: @alexanderb

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