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The Nintex Mobile App: Timeless Design, Optimal Function

A recent visit to the British Museum reminded me of the features of a great mobile application.

There on a display table lay a series of tools, laid out chronologically. At one end was a million-year-old stone axe; at the other, an iPhone. It struck me that the reason they were on display was to show not how much things have changed, but how much they’ve stayed the same.

Just like the iPhone, the stone axe fit perfectly in the hand. Its weight felt substantial, but not too heavy. And everything about it was functional: a sharp edge for cutting, a dull one for scraping, a flat surface for smashing.

Granted, you probably won’t use a smartphone for cutting, scraping, or smashing. But you get the idea.

The human hand hasn’t changed much in the last million years, so what felt “right” back then still feels right today.

New Mobile Technology, Timeless Functionality

Nintex’s mobile app technology reflects the same principles.

We offer Nintex Mobile, a stand-alone app that allows an enterprise to securely publish forms and issue tasks to employees. It supports offline mode and a Draft, Outbox and Sent Items menu structure. Nintex Mobile is also an engine that underlies our cloud-based Nintex App Studio, an app building environment.

Throughout these offerings, we have carefully considered how mobile apps can be most useful. We’ve taken great care to include all of the functionality to support that, and to leave out anything extraneous. We’ve applied timeless design principles and made our mobile apps appealing – even beautiful – to look at.

Just like the stone axe, our mobile apps feel good to use.

Nintex Mobile Screen 1

One key design element is that our mobile-friendly forms render properly on any device you wish to support in your enterprise. Another is that we’ve built in native controls for iOS and Android, so you can use functionality you’re already familiar with. To cite just one example, think of speech-to-text in iOS. In Nintex Mobile, you see the same “microphone” icon you use everywhere else on iPhone, and it works the same way. You may not even notice it—it just works, and you already know how to use it.

We also recognize that people have to multi-task. In the context of mobile forms, that means they might be interrupted while filling out a form.

So we give you the ability to partially complete a form, store it in “draft” mode, and complete it later. And we recognize that network connectivity isn’t 100% reliable. So, if you submit a completed form at a moment when you’re not connected, the form goes into an outbox and sends/uploads automatically when you regain network coverage.

And by the way, we don’t leave your data exposed. If you’re filling out a form and have to turn to a different task, the form goes into the “background,” obscured by a splash screen. When you come back to it, you only have to enter a PIN; you don’t have to restart the app and navigate to your form.
Nintex Mobile Screen 2

Connect to Your Workflows – Anytime, Anywhere

Nintex Mobile and apps built on Nintex App Studio interact fully with workflows you’ve built on our SharePoint, Office 365, and Nintex Workflow Cloud offerings. When you connect, you can access all of these workflows, without any limits. If you have a thousand workflows you’re allowed to interact with, all of them will be accessible to you.

While these design principles are timeless, in other respects our mobile solutions are the opposite of “set in stone.”

With Nintex App Studio, users can take the Nintex Mobile engine and configure it to their liking, with their own branding, iconography and color scheme. They also specify sites the app may connect to, and can filter the forms and tasks available from those sites.

Nintex App Studio subscribers configure the app they want to build. We build it and let them know when it’s done and available for them to download. Often the turnaround time is in the neighborhood of 20 minutes. The customer doesn’t have to worry about complex build systems and staying up to date with security patch levels.

The result is apps that enable digital processes far more streamlined than the paper ones they replace.

Think of a restaurant server who today writes orders on a paper pad and walks them to the kitchen. With a Nintex mobile app, a server with an iPad can literally use a digital menu to pick items from the restaurant menu and automatically send them to the kitchen – saving countless steps and eliminating any confusion from sloppy handwriting.


To sum up, in Nintex App Studio and Nintex Mobile we are enabling digital transformation. We’re not just trading paper documents for digital replicas.

We are helping you change how your work gets done.

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