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Nintex: Inspiration is Everything

Last month we attended Microsoft’s annual worldwide partner conference, Inspire, in Washington, D.C. Beforehand, the team at Microsoft asked Nintex to submit a short video about what inspires us.

Working at Nintex, we certainly weren’t short of things to share.

My Team

Nintex Sales Manager Karen Troung shared that it’s her team that inspires her.

Teamwork is an important part of our culture at Nintex – whether it’s the people with whom we work closely each day, the office where we work, or the entire company collaborating as one big community. We are all on one team that works together to bring Nintex technology to our customers around the globe.


We create and deliver technology that increases productivity and improves the way people work.

Our technology can automate a wide range of processes—from day-to-day tasks to the most sophisticated, business-critical processes. No matter the process, we strive to make people more productive and eliminate the drudgery of their more mundane tasks. Increased productivity means they have more time to work on the things that matter most.

“Every day I connect with our users around the world on the ways workflow automation makes them more productive,” shares Nintex Community Manager Frank Field. “It’s inspiring to see how customers and partners are creating innovative solutions with our technology to improve the way they work.”


We know it’s easy to build powerful software, but it’s hard to make powerful software that’s easy to use; we understand that making our technology both accessible and easy to use is key to our continued success.

A key part to the success of our technology is that it’s usable.

We’ve built technology that empowers our users to easily create, edit and deploy workflows without requiring external help. But if they run into any issues along the way, our team of customer support engineers are there to help.

Every day we work to continually improve our offerings and usability to better meet the needs of our customers.

Happy Hour

Between shuffleboard, bingo, trivia, and ping pong – we have a lot of fun together.

Each month we connect in our Chill Out room for happy hour which gives us the chance to better get to know our co-workers and unwind.

“It’s easy to work with and get to know others when doing a project, but true personalities come out in competitive team trivia,” says Nintex Business Analyst Patrick Nguyen. “Happy hours provide a great work environment to connect with my coworkers. Some of my most creative ideas have come from them!


Whether it’s our headcount, products, or even our physical footprint, we continue to grow significantly each year. We’ve grown from a company offering workflow technology, to one that provides document generation services, process intelligence and more.

In fact, our technologies have grown so much and spanned so many new categories that business analysts have identified the emerging category of Workflow and Content Automation (WCA).

A year ago, the Nintex Workflow platform was just available for SharePoint and Office 365. Last  year we were proud to release our platform-agnostic offering, Nintex Workflow Cloud® Now, more enterprise organizations can benefit from our technology no matter where they do their work. And we continue to improve and expand its capabilities, providing more powerful and efficient workflow solutions for our customers and partners.

This growth drives us to continue to improve what we do and how we do it.


Successful Workflow and Content Automation enables people to not just be more productive, but also collaborate better.

Collaboration inspires us to create tools that enable workers to do this better. And we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without it.

“In my role, collaboration isn’t just about making Nintex more successful, but making our partners more successful too,” says Nintex Partner Communications Specialist Samantha Pugh. “Each week, I work with our sales teams in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA to learn what resources their partners need to thrive.”


We built the Nintex Workflow platform to make an impact in the way that people work. Today that impact is the time and resources we’ve saved our customers.

Across the more than 7,000 Nintex customers there almost 2 billion Nintex Workflows initiated each year. We estimate that each instance saves 3 minutes or more of work – or 6 billion minutes each year. For our total customer base this means they save 100 million hours, 4.6 million days, or 11,415 years of productivity saved each year.

That’s a total of 951 years of productivity saved each month across all our customers.

We. Work. Wonders.

We believe work should be inspiring, and we hope by empowering workers to automate the processes that slow them down they have more time to focus on the things that inspire them.

This is what inspires us to do what we do each day.

Now the question is – what is it that inspires you?


Find out how you can join our team and help us improve the way people work.


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