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3 Ways to leverage Nintex Forms for your (virtual) event

In this digital age, experiential marketers are shifting in-person events to online. From webinars, to digital conferences and virtual experiences, it’s important to have the right tools at your fingertips as you launch into the world of virtual events.

Nintex Forms is a versatile event tool that features an online form builder. Whether you use Nintex for Office 365, Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Mobile, or Nintex for SharePoint, you have the same easy-to-use and flexible designer to create next-generation forms that ensure that the event data you’re collecting is exactly what you need.

There’s a reason we refer to this software as “lightning fast” – it’s a no-code, drag and drop application (even your logo) instead of typical event tools that require a slow process to re-write code.

Luckily, in virtual events you don’t have the risk of long lines but that does put pressure on your event tool to be dynamic, easy to use, and dependable for both the organizer and the attendee.

When you leverage Nintex Forms, they are backed by a highly adaptable workflow ranging from simple to sophisticated depending on your event needs. This makes each automated workflow and form accessible anywhere, anytime – and simple enough to build or edit yourself.

Here are 3 ways to leverage Nintex Forms for your next virtual event:

1. Event registration (internal attendees too!)

Aside from managing registration numbers, you may be concerned if your registration tool is using the right logic to capture data or providing a smooth interface for your attendees.

Nintex Forms allows you to control the fields, order, and use of rule-based logic and validation rules to ensure all the necessary data requirements are captured.

In addition, you can specify a gated log-in for speakers or single sign-on capabilities for managing internal staff registrations.

This is especially useful for keeping information from internal staff up to date and simplify the process of coordinating announcements and deliverable timelines.

2. Request a meeting, demo, or sign up for a session

One of the biggest challenges of taking your event online is losing the person-to-person interface.

It’s important to have a destination within your virtual event space for them to connect with your team and capture initial information for meetings and product demos.

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms can alert your team of interest fields, and quickly help track and evaluate leads once the attendee submits their request.

Additionally, if you choose to have gated sessions, leveraging Nintex Forms allows you to further determine your attendee interests and curate session content to questions asked in advance.

3. Event evaluation

Arguably, the most important part of hosting an event is evaluation – engagement with attendees, what components were positive, or what could be improved.

Quickly and easily using Nintex Forms to create custom evaluations forms allows the organizer to collect data from general or specified attendee types, as well as differentiate the questions asked of various attendee sub-sets. Sending an evaluation form during or post-event can be used as an incentivizing tool to boost engagement, send attendees giveaways, and follow up with post-event promotions.

For many organizers, the most valuable characteristic of an event tool is its dependability and capacity to adapt in the field.

Nintex Forms does this through its foundation on Azure, supplying one of the highest levels of dependability and its mobile feature that allows you to edit your dynamic form straight from your device.

Whether you leverage the drag-and-drop capability or the responsive logic of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms at your next event, you will be set up for success.

You’ll be able to quickly qualify leads for follow up, provide a clear view into your attendee metrics, and help evaluate overall event success.



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Annie McIntosh

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