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Nintex customers virtually couldn’t be happier

During these turbulent times, it can be difficult to meet people and grow a new peer network. Nevertheless, the Nintex Customer Success team in the APAC region has been making it work – helping our customers achieve what they might have thought was impossible!

In the pre-COVID world, our customers attended Regional User Groups (RUGs) in major cities all across Australia and New Zealand. When COVID-19 hit and working from home quickly became a norm for Nintex teams and our customers, the Customer Success team was determined to make sure our customers did not lose the benefits of these valuable events.

Our talented Customer Success Managers (CSMs) wasted no time in converting some of our face-to-face events into webinars and developing brand-new, virtual events to help our customers continue to achieve their goals.

Creating virtual Regional User Groups

First off, the Customer Success team changed the upcoming in-person RUGs to suit a webinar format. CSM Vanessa Love says, “We all know how much our customers love coming to our Regional User Groups. They are a great opportunity to listen to case studies, share ideas, and receive product updates to inspire and reinvigorate their use of Nintex products. Even with the obvious challenges to replicate the event, we knew we had to find a way to keep these going to support our engaged customer base.”

The newly formed virtual RUGs contained a client case study from Kiwibank, time with the Product team highlighting new features, and a showcase of new resources that were available to customers.

After delivering the first round of virtual RUGs, the team was blown away by the positive feedback and gratitude of our customers:

  • “I loved the case study; it has given me a lot of food for thought.”
  • “Great to know about upcoming new features for users.”
  • “I would not have normally been able to benefit from attending a session like this. A definite advantage of being in a virtual environment.”

While our initiatives were received well, the Customer Success team felt there was still more they could provide. They wanted to ensure there was a way for customers to network and speak directly to one another, which can be so difficult to do on a large webinar.

That’s when the Nintex Community Chats were born.

Building connections through Community Chats

The idea for Community Chats was to allow Nintex Promapp® customers to openly discuss problems and brainstorm solutions in a smaller group. With the support of her Customer Success teammates, Connor Sonnen took on organizing and hosting the first Community Chat.

“We wanted to develop a format that could really be driven by our customers – where we set a broad topic to get things started, but the customers ultimately controlled the conversation. We felt that bringing the professional peer-to-peer interaction of the in-person RUGs into a virtual setting would let participants share learnings directly with each other and form lasting professional connections.”

Connor Sonnen, Customer Success Manager, Nintex

Senior CSM Rob Leyland co-hosted the first community chat and shared, “In this new world of working, we knew we were going to have to try some new ideas, that may or may not work out. We set ground rules, such as having your webcam turned on so the conversation feels more collegial, respecting other participants’ speaking time, asking questions, and contributing answers.

“However, even with the prep and planning, we were nervous it might not work as we wanted; that customers might show up and sit in virtual, awkward silence, but this couldn’t be further from what happened and the feedback we’ve received.”

Customers who attended joined in a peer-group discussion and shared experiences over a wide range of topics. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants sending in lots of praise and appreciation for the ability to connect with other process gurus.

  • “I enjoyed the atmosphere and sharing spirit.”
  • “Great format, so good to connect to other users.”
  • “Reconnecting with humanity. Really it was just good to hear my experiences are not unique.”

Brett Hutchinson, Nintex Manager of APAC Customer Success Engagement shares, “I have been impressed with my team’s ability to come up with new ideas in this new working age, and their dedication to delivering customer-centric programs in this challenging period.

“The positive response to these programs from Nintex customers highlights the benefit of fostering strong networks and we are delighted to be able to facilitate opportunities to bring our customers together. We are eager to see more customers take up the opportunity to participate in our upcoming events and initiatives.”

Make sure to also take advantage of our other Customer Success resources and events so that you can enhance your knowledge of the Nintex Platform:

  • Nintex Customer Success Events – Take a look at all the events Nintex offers around the globe. Keep an out on this page and for your invitation to our upcoming Customer Success events, like our Regional User Groups for Nintex Promapp and Workflow.
  • Migration and Automation Coaching – Register via your Customer Central account to share a short coaching session with a Nintex technical expert to start you down or confirm you are on the right path on your migration or automation solution journey.
  • Nintex University – Learn skills to better use your Nintex products through our On-Demand and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses. You can even showcase your expertise by completing one of our new certifications.
  • Nintex Community – Connect with your peers to find solutions for your organization. You can also find the latest roadmap updates and release notes.



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Karen Reichle

Nintex VP of Customer Success Engagement, Karen has extensive experience ensuring customers' success with RPA solutions from EnableSoft Foxtrot Services, now Nintex RPA. She is based out of our Orlando, Florida office.

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