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Nintex Customers Identify 3 Universal Business Strategies for Success with Process Automation

We’re pleased to share that the new Nintex Use Case Showcase is available online.

This showcase provides a window into how Nintex customers solve business challenges across industries and geographies. It also reflects the process automation capabilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform and offers actionable inspiration.

Here are the top three strategies that you’ll see featured throughout these use cases:

1.   Success Lies in Scalability…

…at your own pace.

Platforms should mold to the way you want to operate.

Case in point:  A world-wide pharmaceutical company needed to scale their marketing department’s project management workflow to drive collaboration amongst stakeholders in multiple countries. Such a feat involved streamlining processes to provide consistent quality and maintain compliance with various government regulations. Business requirements also called for the ability to integrate with SAP, custom Java applications and easy adoption and replication.

Among other benefits listed in their use case story, their Nintex solution scaled adoption by an astounding 650%.

The company’s old solution counted 400 global stakeholders participating in key processes. Its Nintex solution brings together 3,000 users participating in the new workflow solution.

2.  Eliminate Paper-Based Bottlenecks

Articles on paperless business practices fly left, right and center across our newsfeeds. And for good reason: Paper is unhealthy for your business. Forget scalability, paper compromises your sustainability from a time, business and financial perspective.

Here’s an HR scenario that may ring true to you if you’re balking at ditching paper:

An HR department faced growing demands for leave and expense payment requests in the face of shrinking resources and bandwidth. They, too, were weary of digital processes after a previous failed attempt didn’t enable world-class customer service, document transparency, and clear audit-trails.

The department’s solution using Nintex Workflow brought a cost savings of $10,000 per month alongside time-saving and highly accessible processes for leave requests and expense approvals.

3.  Visibility = Action

Another common trend: Successful processes are seen, communicated and data-driven.

  • See to believe

A restaurant company threw light on food quality inspections by using Nintex Mobile and Nintex for Office 365 so staff could track food supply and notify management in real-time.

  • Integration instead of isolation

A large food manufacturer digitally transformed accounts payable with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 because it seamlessly integrated with SAP and kept team members on the same page (and the same processes, without toggling from one solution to the other).

  • Calculate improvement

government IT help desk benefited from real-time data for case management because Nintex Workflow audits and delivers reports on all workflows.

For more examples of how to improve processes, refer to the Nintex Use Case Showcase.


Do you want to share your Nintex use case? Email us at marketing@nintex.com.


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