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Nintex Customer Success resources – extended

This blog is a follow up to my March 17 post, where I discussed customer resources that Nintex has made available to Nintex customers worldwide to help manage the impact of COVID-19 on how they operate and manage remote workforces.

Our intent has been to provide every Nintex customer with more value to help you better respond to the crisis through the use of Nintex process management and automation solutions.

Your adoption of our customer success programs over the past month has far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we have dedicated additional resourcing against the effort.

We’ve even coined a new term within Nintex that has normally been attributed to various external paradigms: “crowdsourcing.”

Our internal “crowdsourcing campaign” is being driven across our global company of 500 people. We assembled a select number of highly skilled experts across various Nintex departments to lean in more, going beyond their normal day jobs, to help our customers attain more value from their investments in Nintex.

Our employees’ resiliency and their natural ambition to help has led to some pretty impressive results with our customers, and we are only getting started.

Customer resources available now

Free remote instructor-led training

In my March 17 blog post, we made an offer to all of our 8K+ active customers where we waived our normal fees for remotely delivered instructor-led classroom training. The participation in the free training has been amazing, with 3,000+ classroom enrollments in just over a month.

As a result, we went from having one instructor to 13 instructors across the globe. The quality rating has been impressive with a 4.8/5 for the classes, and a 4.9/5 for the instructors.

It is going so well and the demand is so high that we’ve decided to extend it through to the end of June 2020 – now with more than 230 classes completed or scheduled.

To redeem this offer, go to the vILT page of Nintex University and use promo code: remote-learning-april-2020 to sign up and take training from one of our knowledgeable instructors.

Free online certifications

We also waived or normal fees for the online certifications and have seen some great uptake with 430 redeeming the code to join an elite group of 2,500+ people with Nintex certifications.

To gain your certifications, go to the certifications page of Nintex University and use the promo code: cert_lfh_promo to take the tests and get your certifications.

Note: The certifications are not designed to be easy so make sure you prepare ahead of time before you take them. The training is designed to prepare you and like anything, there is no substitute for hands-on work. Before taking the certification exam, we recommend a combination of both training and real-world project work. Once achieved, you can upload the actual certifications to your LinkedIn profile directly from Nintex University to showcase your latest accomplishment.

Free on-demand online training

If you prefer online on-demand training that isn’t live and instructor-led, you can self-pace your Nintex learning on Nintex University for free at any time or you can take a combination of on-demand training and instructor-led training. Whatever your preferred learning method, we have the customer resources for you to gain the required knowledge.

Just go to the on-demand training page of Nintex University and browse the catalog.

Coaching (pilot program)

In response to a number of inbound requests from a variety of our customers, we’ve been galvanizing our internally crowdsourced team of experts to help in the form of a “coaching” pilot program in order to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with automated solutions.

Coaches assist customers through remote video calls to understand the problem a customer is trying to solve with automation and then brainstorming the best possible solution leveraging Nintex so customers can become more efficient with their customers or constituents and do more with less and do it fast.

Based on customer requests and where we’ve seen an acute need, we’ve been highly concentrated in State and Local Government as well as in Banking. In State and Local government, we’ve been assisting a number of municipal, county, provincial, and state governmental organizations with a multitude of scenarios such as how to digitize emergency response operations to better serve their constituents.

In the U.S. banking industry, we are helping a number of financial institutions more efficiently and quickly process SBA (Small Business Administration) loans through the CARES act and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that are needed for the hundreds of thousands of small businesses trying to stay afloat.

As part of this pilot program, we are also working hard to assist a number of customers as much as we can with their needs regardless of the industry or geography with our small but mighty team of coaches as well as a number of partners who are dedicating some time to this effort.

We will strive to help as many people as we can in this pilot program, collect feedback on its value, and possibly develop a longer-term coaching offering for customers more permanently in the future.

Solution accelerators

From all of these experiences, we’ve learned a great deal across a number of real-world customer scenarios, and we’ve done our best to capture a number of those learnings through a set of solution process and workflow accelerator templates that are freely available for download into your Nintex environment.

Within our Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, we currently have 15 COVID-19 relevant templates and we continue to add more based on our engagements.

The top three trending COVID-19 relevant process accelerators are currently the following:

  • Adhere to COVID-19 Employee Guidelines (Nintex Promapp®)
  • Paycheck Protection eTran Automation (Nintex RPA)
  • Work from Home Agreement (Nintex Workflow/Forms)

And there are many more, such as Visitor Health and Safety Awareness, Home Office Self-Assessment, and one of my favorites: Microsoft Teams Governance (for IT teams trying to manage the sprawl of Teams sites being spun up amidst the surge of people working from home)

Beyond these very focused COVID-19 programs, our Nintex Support team remains poised to help you with whatever issues you might have. To get help quickly, just visit our customer success page to get help and find answers.

We’re committed to your success as a valued Nintex customer by providing the resources that you need most. Please reach out to me at josh.waldo@nintex.com at any time.



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Josh Waldo

Nintex CCO, Josh Waldo, has 20-plus years of experience leading teams across customer success, customer support, product marketing, field marketing and partner marketing & programs at leading organizations that include Nintex, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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